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Watch: Wife Discovers Her Husband and Her Mother Have Affair (Video)

A Filipina named Monica Solmay discovered that her husband (Eman Solmay) has an extra-marital affair with her own mother, Amelia Anyog. The wife exposed the uncommon love-triangle via TV show “Raffy Tulfo in Action” on Wednesday, February 28. Watch the video of that episode. WARNING: Rated SPG. Topic and language not for minors.

According to Monica, she discovered that her husband and her mother, Nanay Amelia had sex through their recorded conversation on her husband’s phone. On the said conversation, Eman and his mother-in-law can be heard talking about their recent sexual activity. The mother can also be heard saying, “I love you” to his son-in-law.

When Raffy Tulfo asked Monica if she has already confronted Eman about it, she said she could not do it because her husband is tough and that he might hurt her. She added that her parents are already separated, and she pities her siblings and her father. Shortly after, Raffy Tulfo called Amelia Anyog, who at first denied all the allegations.

“Sabi mo sa akin, ako yung paborito mong anak. Tapos, sa kabila pala ng lahat ng yun, kabaligtaran pala yung mga ginagawa mo sa akin. Ikaw pa yung nag-a “I Love You” sa asawa ko. Ginamit mo lang ba talaga ako mula nung dalaga pa?” Monica told her mother.

(You told me I’m your favorite child. But despite that, what you’re doing to me is the opposite. You even told my husband that you love him. Did you just use me since I was not yet married?)

As a response, Amelia Anyog said she hates when Eman calls her on the phone and talk dirty to her, adding that she just turn off her phone to avoid him. Raffy Tuflo then asked her why she did not scold him and why she did not tell it to her daughter, so they can talk about it. The 47-year old mother said she already told it to her daughter.

Monica said that based on the recorded phone conversation between her mother and her husband, it is very hard to believe that they did not have sex. Amelia defended herself, saying that her “I love you” to Eman is not only for him but also for all of her children. She even denied saying, “tumitirik ang mata” while making love to Eman.

Maricel Anyog, Monica’s young sister, was also in the studio and seated beside Monica. Trembling and crying, she asked her mother why did she do it, and why of all people, she did it to her own daughter. She also suggested that the reason why their parents separated is that of their mother’s illicit affair with her own son-in-law. Amelia then told her daughters not to tell it to Eman because the latter only threatened her. Raffy Tulfo then called Eman, who without any hesitation admitted that he had sex with her mother-in-law, and promised not to do it again. Amelia said that Eman was threatening her ever since. However, their phone conversation says the opposite.

As rough translation to English, Eman asked Amelia if she enjoys what her husband does to her during sex. He also appeared to be humble, saying that he is not good in sex. As a response, Amelia giggled and said, “I love you.” He also said he could fill in her “tank.” The mother-in-law said she enjoyed everything, and it was an unforgettable experience.

The rest of their conversation was so dirty, and it was very obvious that the mother and her son-in-law had sex, and they both enjoyed it. This is contrary to what Amelia said that Eman is only threatening her. Raffy Tuflo then told Eman that if anything bad happens to Amelia and her family, he will be held responsible and will be arrested.

Amelia asked Monica to trust her again but the latter refused. She said that she pity her children, who are still very young. On the other hand, Eman cried and begged Monica for forgiveness. He asked her that they go back to Mindoro and start all over again, but Monica refused. Eman later admitted smoking marijuana, but said that he will now change. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for website owners to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to amazon(.com,, .ca etc) and any other website that may be affiliated with Amazon Service LLC Associates Program.

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