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Watch: MMDA Men Maul, Tie Buko Vendor, MMDA Explains (Video)

A group of MMDA (Metropolitan Manila Development Authority) personnel was caught on video on Friday, March 2 mauling a coconut ‘buko’ vendor, and has gone viral on Facebook. The mauling started when the victim refused to give his coconut cart to the MMDA sidewalk clearing group. Later, the MMDA explained their side. Watch the video below. WARNING: Video is Rated SPG, not for minors.

According to a Mhean Capaycapay of Pasay City who uploaded the video, she understands that it is illegal to sell buko on the streets. However, she emphasized that the MMDA men has no right to hurt him. The netizen added that the buko vendor was willing to transfer to another place and that he begged them not to take his cart.

Ms. Capaycapay said that the selling coconut is the only source of income of the street vendor and that he has wife and children to feed, which is why he does not want to give his coconut cart. She also questioned the MMDA personnel why they had to tie the coconut vendor, considering that he is alone and cannot beat them.

“Wag naman kayong abusado hindi deserve ni kuya ganyanin dahil nagtratrabaho siya ng marangal mas marangal pa sa ginagawa niyo. Andami nyo laban sa isa???!!! Itatali nyo pa? Ano sya hayop?! Maging makatao naman kayo!!! Pumunta pa kayong barangay sinabi nyo na kayo pa yung sinaktan! Pano kayo kakayanin ni kuya?” She wrote.

As you can see in the video, the buko vendor tried to fight with the MMDA personnel as they try to confiscate his coconut cart. The people who saw the incident requested the MMDA team to let him go. The leader of the MMDA team ordered to tie him, and even told the person who was taking the video to stop filming them, saying it’s illegal to do so.

This Saturday, Francis Martinez, head of the MMDA’s metro parkway clearing group, said that the incident is now under investigation and that their activity was put on hold. However, he said the buko vendor threw ice on his men, so they had to control him. He added that they had repeatedly asked him in the past not to sell coconut in that area, but he kept on coming back.

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