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Watch: Foreigner Curses, Spits at Filipino Tricycle Driver in Road Rage (Video)

A male foreigner was cursed at a Filipino tricycle driver in a recent road rage incident. Apparently, the said foreigner was not contented, he even spits at the poor driver. The incident was caught on camera, which was uploaded on Facebook by a certain Maria Larawan. Watch the video below. Warning: Language is not suited for young audience.

“Napakasakit lng isipin na ganito kaliit ang tingin ng dayuhan na toh sating mga Pilipino. Kung tutuusin sila ang may ksalanan, pero ung duraan at murahin si manong driver napakawalanghiya mo. Ayan sikat knang bastos ka!!! Pati traffic enforcer Hindi nirerespeto, napakabastos mo hayup ka!!!” Maria Larawan wrote on Facebook, Monday, March 12.

(It hurts thinking that this foreigner belittles us Filipinos. In fact, it was their fault, but spitting and cursing at the tricycle driver, you are very rude. Now, you’re famous you rude!!! You also disrespected the traffic enforcer, you’re very rude, you animal!!!)

The netizen, who most likely was the passenger of the tricycle driver and took the video, added that the foreigner is being pacified but he appears to punch the driver. She said that the rude foreigner should be deported and that she hopes that TV host Raffy Tulfo will see him. Nevertheless, she did not mention where and when the incident happened.

“F**king idiot!” The foreigner said to the tricycle driver. As a response, he said that the foreigner immediately stopped his car, causing the tricycle to hit the back of the car. As a defense, the foreigner said he stopped the car because the traffic light turned red. At one point, the foreigner was about to hit the driver but his female companion stopped him.

Shortly, a traffic enforcer came but the rude foreigner continued to curse at the tricycle driver. Before the foreigner left, he spit at the tricycle driver, and the foreigner’s woman did not do anything about it. Nevertheless, the people who saw it cursed at the foreigner. As of posting, the name of the foreigner and the tricycle driver remains unknown. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for website owners to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to amazon(.com,, .ca etc) and any other website that may be affiliated with Amazon Service LLC Associates Program.

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