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Watch: Chinese Woman Verbally Abuses Pinay Domestic Helper in Hongkong (Video)

A Chinese woman was recently caught on camera scolding a Filipina domestic helper (DH) in a park in Hong Kong, and complaining about the two dogs the Pinay DH is looking after. The footage was shared by a certain Mel C. Santiago on her Facebook account last Thursday, March 15. Watch the video below carefully and judge for yourself.

“Kawawa nmn si ate masyado syng minaliit ng chinese girl na ito buti na videohan ko kung pno nya dinuro duro si ate..naawa ako..gusto ko sana sumagot hindi nmn natin mako control ang aso,aso po yan..pero ung pang mamaliit nya sa pinay.” Santiago said on the caption of her video, where the Chinese woman verbally abused the Filipina helper.

(I pity the helper. She was belittled by this Chinese woman. It’s good that I took video on how she pointed her fingers to the poor helper. I want to butt in and tell the Chinese woman that it’s very hard to control the dogs, but when she insulted the helper, that’s too much.)

As you can see, the Chinese woman kept pointing her fingers to the helper’s face while telling her dogs kept barking on her dog. She also questioned as to why she has to bring the dogs along with the baby she is taking her of. The helper can be heard explaining her side, and told the Chinese woman to should stop pointing her fingers to her face.

Shortly, the Chinese woman told the helper’s dog has once bitten her dog, but the latter denied. She added that other people are complaining about the barking of her dogs. She then demanded the Filipina helper to call her boss and go to park immediately so they can talk personally, and told her, “You shut the fu*k up, you’re just a helper, ok?!

The Pinay domestic helper then called her boss on the phone and told the Chinese woman that her boss cannot come because of work. She gave her boss’ number to the angry Chinese so she can call her boss instead. Later, the Chinese girl can be heard shouting again at the Filipina helper, “Go back to Philippines! Bad attitude, bad helper!

In a later post, Santiago said that Chinese news reports said the helper’s dog has bitten the Chinese woman. According to the netizen, it is not true, because if it’s true, she should have called the police. She added the dogs of the Chinese are very aggressive and could not even play with other dogs, noting that it’s the dog of the Chinese that bites her.

Santiago said the Chinese let go of her dog, which caused a commotion between her dog and the dog of the helper, whom she identified as a certain MJ. She added that the Chinese tried to pacify her dog, but it resisted and bite her. Nevertheless, she said that it happened before she was able to take video, wherein there is no blood on her hands.

In another post, Santiago said she talked with MJ, and that her (American) employers will not file a case against the rude Chinese girl. However, she added that a lot of people in Hong Kong including Chinese Hong Kong nationals who have watched the video are also mad at the Chinese woman for discriminating the Pinay helper. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for website owners to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to amazon(.com,, .ca etc) and any other website that may be affiliated with Amazon Service LLC Associates Program.

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