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Watch: “Boy Aerox” Acts Like MMDA Officer, Interferes in Road Accident, Threatens Rider (Video)

A rider of blue Yamaha Aerox dubbed as “Boy Aerox” was caught on video acting as if he is an officer of the Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA), as he interfered in a road accident despite not being there. In addition, he also insulted the rider, and threatened to shoot him. Watch the 2 videos below, and read the rider’s story.

According to certain Ross Nebre, he was involved in a minor road accident before the intersection at Quezon Ave. at around 2 pm on Saturday, March 17. He said the traffic was heavy which is why he drove his motorcycle (Yamaha Mio) at the right side of the street, and stopped at the right side of a UV Express when the traffic light turned Red.

Nebre said that when the traffic light turned Green, the woman passenger of UV Express suddenly opened the door and hit him until fell down on the street. The UV Express driver got off to check his condition, while the lady passenger remained inside the van. The netizen said he only suffered minor injuries and his motorcycle has only a slight damage.

The rider said when a police named PO1 Tandoc arrived at the scene, he and the woman passenger along with the UV Express driver agreed that he will just be brought to the hospital. But when they reached the hospital, the woman called someone over the phone, and she was told that she should only give P1,000 to the rider and leave.

“Mam hindi ko po matatanggap yan dahil hindi ko naman po pera ang habol ko ang gusto ko lang mapatingnan yung kamay ko dahil hindi ko maigalaw ng maayos at sana maipagawa lang kung may sira man yung motor.” Nebre quoted himself talking to the lady passenger. Shortly, a group of Yamaha Aerox riders of Quezon City arrived.

Nebre said that one of the Aerox riders introduced himself as the leader of the group, and allegedly shouted at him, accusing him of harassing his cousin, referring to the lady passenger. As you can hear on the first video, the alias “Boy Aerox” insisted said that there was no signed arrangement between her cousin and the rider on the incident.

Nebre noted that “Boy Aerox” appeared to behave well when the camera is rolling. But when the camera was off, the MMDA-wannabe allegedly said that he does not care about what the police said, accused him of extorting money from his cousin. The rider said he is not after the money, and showed his newly received salary from his job.

Halata nga na hindi ka mukhang pera eh tingnan mo motor Mio lang! kami madami kaming pera kaya Aerox gamit namin!” Nebre quoted “Boy Aerox” telling to him. The MMDA-wannabe also allegedly shouted at the barangay officials, saying that he is a member of an Intelligence Group under a certain Coronel Bawto of Camp Caringal.

In a later post, Ross Nebre said that “Boy Aerox” threatened to shoot him, and identified him as Jhon Manalo Pamintuan. He also shared a screenshot of an allegedly Facebook post by the “Aerox President” holding a gun. Pamintuan allegedly insulted him for using a Mio motorcycle, and threatened to sue everyone who shared the video on Facebook.

Meanwhile, the incident has already reached MMDA Spokesperson Celine Pialago, who incidentally had a photo with the supposed Aerox president. But according to her, she met him once only after he invited her for a dinner. She clarified that “Boy Aerox” was never part of the MMDA. As of posting, it remains unknown if his real name is Jhon Manalo Pamintuan. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for website owners to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to amazon(.com,, .ca etc) and any other website that may be affiliated with Amazon Service LLC Associates Program.

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