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Watch: Assassination Attempt on First Lady Imelda Marcos in 1972 (Video)

On December 7, 1972, there was an assassination attempt to then-Philippine First Lady Imelda Marcos while attending an event in Nayong Pilipino, Quezon city. The shocking incident was captured on camera and was seen live on national television. Watch the video below. Warning: The video is rated SPG, and is not suited for the young audience.

According to records, the lone suspect was identified as a geodetic engineer named Carlito Dimahilig. The event was National Beautification and Cleanliness Contest, being sponsored by Mrs. Marcos, who was then on stage during the award ceremony. As you can see, Dimahilig went to the stage and took his bolo as he approaches the First Lady.

Without a warning, Dimahilig attacked Imelda Marcos and repeated slashed his bolo against her. Nevertheless, the First Lady covered her chest with both arms to protect her body and threw herself down to the floor of the stage. Some people near her tried to stop the Dimahilig, and security rushed in and shot the suspect until he was killed. Imelda Marcos was immediately rushed to Makati Medical Center via helicopter, and then-president Ferdinand Marcos later joined her at the hospital. It was later reported that she sustained several wounds on both her arms and hands, requiring a total of 75 stitches. Some people also had minor wounds after they tried to stop Dimahilig.

In a later interview, Imelda Marcos recalled the assassination attempt against her, and mocked the supposed murder weapon. If there’s somebody who’s going to kill me, why do they have to be, why is it to be a bolo that is so ugly? I wish they put some kind of yellow ribbon, or some kind of a nice thing. Why such an ugly instrument?” She said.

Nevertheless, some people, especially the Opposition believe that the incident was staged so that Mrs. Marcos would earn sympathy from the public, considering that it took place less than 3 months after President Marcos declared Martial Law. Critics also wonder why a would-be assassin will use a bolo if he really wants to kill the First Lady.

On the other hand, President Marcos said that the assassination attempt was planned by a right-wing group, which wanted him and Imelda killed. He later ordered the arrest of several personalities whom he believed to be part of the plot, Eugenio Lopez Jr of ABS-CBN Broadcasting Corporation and Sergio Osmeña III, son of Marcos’ political rival.

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