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Watch: 3 Young Women Attempt to Kidnap Handsome Man They Saw in the Street (Video)

Believe it or not, three women tried to kidnap a handsome man they saw in the street while waiting for a taxi, after they drank in a bar. In fact, they even hurt the victim’s female companion, who left to call for help. The incident happened in Hangzhou, China last week, and every detail was captured by a CCTV camera. Watch the video below.

According to Chinese news website Sin Chew Daily, the three intoxicated young women came from a nearby bar and waited for a taxi when they saw the couple. When they noticed that the man was good-looking, they agreed to kidnap him. They offered him the taxi that came by and forced him to ride with them, leaving the female companion behind.

The handsome man’s female companion immediately went back to the bar and asked for help. One of the bartenders came out and tried to help, but the three women overpowered him, as their newly-met male friend helped in abducting the victim. The fight lasted for about 3 minutes, and the bartender decided to go back to the bar.

According to the police, they received a call from the male friend of the three female kidnappers-would be. Shortly, the police arrested the three women inside a motel, along with the handsome man. The attacker’s male friend was later arrested in a separate motel. The handsome man was not hurt and did not release a statement.

Meanwhile, the three women were jailed for 8 days, and were fined $47 each. On the other hand, their newly-met friend was jailed for 10 days and was slapped with $80-fine, because he initially resists the arrest. Apparently, the names of the people involved were not mentioned in the report, but the three women were known to be in the early 20s.

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