Top Ten Places to Hire Virtual Assistants in the Philippines

The Philippines is becoming the best country to provide virtual assistant jobs but did you know that there are particular places in this country where you can find the best virtual assistants?

For someone who is looking to hire the right person for the job, skills should not be your only reason. You must also consider the culture, attitude, salary, family, English language skills, broadband, and electricity. To begin with, we have listed the best places in the Philippines to hire virtual assistants based on the above criteria.

Disclaimer: This list is based on years of experience working in human resources while managing a team of virtual assistants. This is not intended to discriminate fellow Filipinos living in other cities or provinces.

1. Bacolod, Dumaguete, and the whole Negros Island – Whether they speak Bisaya or Hiligaynon, Negrenses are known to have tremendous work ethics due to their culture and economic legacy. As the Sugar Bowl of the Philippines, Negros Occidental is known for its happy people, thus, Bacolod is called City of Smiles for so many reasons. Then there is Dumaguete, the capital of Negros Oriental. It is called The City of Gentle People and is considered the University City. It is also considered a top destination for retirement. So, when you combine the smiling and gentle people with very high English language ability and a low cost of living, you can get a perfect VA

2. Cebu – Come close in second is Cebu. Cebu is home to many International Schools and the English proficiency of virtual assistants is second to none. Cebu, however, falls behind Negros due to higher cost of living and slightly different lifestyle, but you can’t go wrong. Cebu is home to many call centers so expect to get a virtual assistant who is fluent in speaking English.

3. Davao – Davao is a big city but due to the lack of local jobs, educated people are becoming more and more focused on becoming virtual assistants. There are a number of virtual assistant agencies in Davao where you can get good virtual assistants for a lower cost than that in Metro Manila. Davao is also a beautiful place so expect to hire a cool virtual assistant.

4. Iligan – It was all started when a university drop-out from Iligan created a VA outsourcing website around 10 years ago and since then, the number of highly qualified virtual assistants in Iligan has dramatically increased.

5. Iloilo – Ilonggos are known to be highly talented people. Like Bacolod and Negros Occidental, they speak Hiligaynon and are highly fluent in English. There are also a number of well-known VA agencies in Iloilo where you can hire highly-trained virtual assistants for a good price.

6. Batangas and Laguna – Although close to Manila and soon to be part of Metro Manila, Batangas and Laguna are highly-industrialized provinces and there is no shortage of local jobs, but people are tired of traffic so home-based jobs are becoming popular.

7. Bulacan and Pampanga – like Batangas and Laguna, these places are high-industrialized but people tend to lean away from local jobs due to the daily commute. besides, being a virtual assistant always pays higher than having a local office job.

8. Metro Manila – Metro Manila is listed on number 8 for lots of reasons. The high cost of living and culture affects badly. Although not all, most VAs from Metro Manila ask higher pay in order to meet their daily needs. Another reason is, it is always difficult to hold someone who has lots of options.

9. Albay and Camarines  – I know a number of highly-skilled virtual assistants from Daraga, Daet, and naga and Bikolanos have great worth ethics as well. The lack of stable broadband access compared to other places mentioned above due to seasonal typhoons affects its rank in this list.

10. Socsargen – Low cost of living is the main reason why Socsargen is one of the best places to hire VA from. There are a number of qualified virtual assistants from Cotabato and General Santos who can do the job similar to what other places above can offer.

Honorable Mention: Isabela, Ilocos, Nueva Ecija, Quezon Province

If you think your city or province should be in this list, leave a comment below.



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