Top Six Best Car Paint Brands in the Philippines

They say the quality and beauty of the car’s paint is the result of excellent painter’s skills and not the paint brand. This is partially true, but people who have a good budget and skillful painter always pick the best automotive paint brands.

Here in the Philippines, there are dozens of paint brands sold in paint centers, but I am going to give you only the most common brands that local auto enthusiasts use, as some of the least known brands may not be difficult to procure.

Running an auto-repair shop for more than five years now, we only cater for ordinary vehicle owners. Luxury car owners mostly have their vehicles painted in Class A shops in Manila so we are only going to discuss paints that used by most people.

The following are six of the best automotive paint brands used in the Philippines. We assume that we are talking about polyurethane automotive paint here (commonly called urethane), and not any other type of paints like acrylic, enamel, epoxy, et al.

#1. DuPont

DuPont Automotive Paint
DuPont Automotive Paint

DuPont is a very popular brand of automotive paint and they have a database of colors for almost every car model. DuPont is also the most expensive among the list here so you better pick the best painter before you decide on having your car painted with DuPont. This is the paint that car restorers always used as it provides deep wet looked when applied perfectly. DuPont is available in major paint centers nationwide.

#2. Anzahl

Anzahl Car Paint
Anzahl Car Paint

Anzahl is the most popular paint brand among Filipinos that it is almost comparable to Colgate” when buying a toothpaste. Many car owners who are not familiar with paint brands mistakenly believe that there is no other car paint than Anzahl.

This paint was very popular but because of its increasing cost, average car owners are slowly switching to more cheaper Weber (discussed below). Anzahl is also one of the most durable paints and hard to work with if your painter has average skill. If you want a paint that could last up to 10 years or more (if you have a covered garage), go with Anzahl.

#3. Weber

Weber Urethane Paint
Weber Urethane Paint

Finally, the most common paint used by 90% of our customers here in South Luzon is Weber. Weber has almost half the price of DuPont and Anzahl but with proper combination of other brands and highly-skilled painter, the result will be almost the same.

Our most common combination for average cars is the following

  • Primer surfacer: Anzahl
  • Base coat color: Weber
  • Clear coat: K92

Weber is available in most paint centers offering automotive paints.

#4. Nippon Paint

Nippon Car Paint
Nippon Car Paint

Nippon Paint is not popular as the three mentioned above but this high-quality paint is the choice of many car manufacturers as OEM paint. In Batangas, only two paint centers offer this type of paint due to its price and demand.

Nippon paint is the choice of many vintage cars owners I’ve known locally. A shop in Bacolod authorized by Toyota motors also use this paint exclusively.

#5. K92

K92 Urethane Paint
K92 Urethane Paint

K92 is very popular when it comes to clear coat but many people are not aware that this brand offers primer and base colors. We’ve been using K92 clear coat for more than three years due to its durability, easy to polish, and average price. A complete set of K92 primer, base color, and clear coat will give you an exceptional shiny deep wet look. K92 clear coat is available in most paint centers, but I can’t say the same on primer and base colors.

#6. PPG

PPG Car Paint
PPG Car Paint

PPG is the least popular brand of paint in this list, at least here in Southern Tagalog. I used this only once when a customer from Quezon City brought a complete set from Quezon City. I have no idea about the price, but the result looks like the combination of Anzahl primer, Weber base coat, and K92 clear coat.

Now the you know the best paint brands to use in your car painting job, the only thing to look for is the skillful and talented painter.

Preparation before painting plays a big role in good result. Strip or scrape to metal is not advisable as it is not ideal to remove the original factory primer. There’s nothing can replace the original factory primer.

If you have any suggestion or question, please leave your comment below.

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