Top 18 Best Trade Jobs and Business Ideas You Can Start at Home Today

10. House Painter

House painter may sometimes be covered by a handyman but most of the times, this is a separate job. A whole house can cost more than a hundred thousand pesos if you know how to find a good customer.

11. Machinist, Metal / Steel Fabricator

Running a machine shop, even a home-based small machine shop, is a very profitable business. Here in Lipa City, Batangas near Lipa City Star Tollway Exit, there is a 50-year old man who owns an 8-foot lathe machine and a couple of hydraulic small press machines. He is well-known to auto-enthusiasts like me. He doesn’t have an assistant but he can resurface a 4-piston cylinder head in 4 hours using just his lathe machine for ₱1,200. And he can do other jobs while his lathe machine is doing its job.

12. Make-up Artist, Beautician, Nail Technician

You can stay at home or go on home service – it’s your choice. Our neighbour who does this earns at least ₱600 a day and around ₱1,200 during weekends. Weddings and other occasions is another story.

13. Motorcycle Mechanic

Do I need to explain how profitable this job is? Whether a motorcycle is registered or not, and the driver/owner is licensed or not, they need a mechanic. In the last ten years, the number of motorcycles running along Philippines streets has increased by more than 200% according to LTO (Land Transportation Office). This does not include unregistered ones.

14. Powertools Technician

A man called Nick in Lipa City near Lipa City Water District has his business became an enterprise just by repairing grass cutters, angle grinder, hand rills, jigsaws, compressors, etc.  Now he supplies all parts for most Japan and US brand power tools.

15. Refrigeration and Air-conditioning

Here is another profitable business. Thirteen years ago when I was working as a production supervisor in a Japanese company, one of our utility technicians was hired by a Jollibee store to clean their air-conditioning units as a part-time job. Today, Joey is a big-time contractor and among his customers are Jollibee (where he started), and dozens of commercial buildings and even government properties in Lipa City and neighbouring towns.

16. Silk Screen Printer

This may sound seasonal to many but if you have an established business portfolio, this is a very profitable personal business. A single contract from a company with 200 employees, or a school with hundreds of students, could result in an instant profit.

17. Upholsterer

I find this skill actually a little bit underrated, but people who are experienced to do this kind of stuff make a handsome amount of money. Upholstery is not limited only to home couches, but also autos, especially jeepneys (seats and window covers).

18. Welder, Steel Fabricator

Last but not least is welding and fabrication. Have a welding machine at home and inform others that you can do the metal works. From home to industrial jobs, there’s a lot of reasons why people always look for welders.

Do you know something that should be included in the above list? Please let us know by leaving a comment below.

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