Top 18 Best Trade Jobs and Business Ideas You Can Start at Home Today

Not all people love working under an employer. Skilled people mostly retire at an early age and start their own personal business based on their skills.

Here in the Philippines, there are a lot of talents and skills that have been wasted because talented people have no confidence in starting their own business. Instead, they work under employers who underpaid them.

If you have training, skills, and experience, have a small capital and start your own business at home. The following skills are designed for people who can work with or without an employer.

I operate my own auto-repair shop for five years now and I still go to TESDA (Trade Education Development Authority),  to learn new skills that could widen my knowledge.

Before we go on the list below, I would like to emphasize that you can advertise your personal business through friends, social media, and local online classified ads so finding customers is not a big problem.

Let’s take a look at some 18 skill-based jobs that you can start as personal business at home.

1. Auto Painter

With the growing number of vehicles everyday, auto painters are in high demand. I know three people who have nothing except for spray gun and a portable air compressor , who makes at least ₱30,000 every month. This can be done via on-call if you have no painting area at home.

2. Autodenter, Panelbeater, Autobody Builder, Latero

Latero (auto bodybuilder)

There are many terms for this kind of job but here in the Philippines, it means the same – latero. With a welding machine and oxyacetylene gauges, together with small non-expensive tools, working as a contractual latero is very rewarding. Latero and auto-painter works hand. You don’t need to have a big shop to start this kind of business if you plan on starting small.

3. Automotive Electrician

Jun, a close friend of mine and my former in-house auto-electrician started his own business by renting a ₱6,000/month 4 x 6 meters stall. After a year, he had to expand and hire apprentice from a nearby TESDA-accredited school. He is his personal employer and earns more than ₱60,000 net income a month.

4. Automotive Mechanic

Same with the automotive electrician, you can start small. Any skills related to automotive repair is a win-win situation nowadays. Mechanics can work at home or by request.

5. Barber, Hairdresser

Whether you are a man or woman, you can’t go wrong with this kind of personal job. This one is the easiest business to start at home if your hose is easily accessible. A skilled barber working from his home can make around ₱500 to ₱800 a day.

6. Dressmaker, Tailor, Sewer

My 46-year old older sister who own a sari-sari store went to a TESDA-accredited school to learn dressmaking every Saturday. After around 16 sessions, she graduated and got her NC1 certificate. I bought her a high-speed sewing machine and that was last 2014. Today, while attending her sari-sari store, she accepts repair from neighbors. She makes an extra ₱850 to ₱500 everyday while watching her sari-sari store. She can repair (cut and sew) 10 pants everyday for ₱50 to ₱60 each on her extra time.

7. Building Electrician, Electric Motor Rewinder

While building electrician is an on-call based job, motor rewinding is where you can make big and steady amount of money. An old friend in Silay City, Negros Occidental, accepts motor rewinding jobs at his home. He can finish rewinding a motor that costs ₱1,500 in a day, and ₱2,500 in less than 2 days. This kind of business is very profitable.

8. Electronic, Computer Technician

Filipinos are jack of all trades so when we say computer technician, we are not talking about hardware or software here (unlike other countries). On-call computer technicians are making at least ₱700 a day for a single OS reformat and this can be done in less than 2 hours.

9. Handyman (General Carpenter, Plummer, Mason)

The term handyman is not widely used here in the Philippines but this type of trade skill is being practiced widely. Not many people do this business formally. If you pattern your business to that of US, you need to have a service van. This is a very profitable business if you have the balls to start. Search for “handyman business” online and you will find an overwhelming good reviews.

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