Top 17 Bad Habits of Filipinos That Prevent Progress in the Philippines

First of all, I am proud to be Pinoy and I love the Philippines. In fact, this is the reason why I am writing this post. At my age, I already met a lot of fellow Filipinos from different parts of the country and even worked with them. I can honestly say that we are talented, smart, jolly, religious, hospitable, and really have a strong concern for the family.

On the other hand, there are also many bad habits of Filipinos that really annoy me. And although some other nationalities possess these annoying attitudes, I think most Filipinos have them in common. I think that this is one of the reasons why the country’s economy is not growing that fast. So without further ado, below are the top 17 of them.

#17 Freebie Lovers

Many Filipinos are lovers of freebies. Birthdays, fiestas and all occasions where they can save money, Filipinos are not ashamed to be there. Not to mention transportation fare, merienda, movies and other simple things, you can always, “Ilibre mo naman ako! (Treat me, please!) Although it appears to be a joke, they are serious about it.

#16 Lack of Planning

“Bahala na si Batman!” This Filipino expression means “come what may,” or easy-going when trying to accomplish an activity. Apparently, this “lack of planning” attitude is most common when a Filipino is so confident that he can finish the task without encountering any serious problem, even if he did not plan well before making a tough decision.

#15 Tardiness

Unfortunately, even foreigners notice this “Filipino time” bad habit. Meetings, appointment, interviews, and even dating, most Filipinos arrive late. It’s funny that they always find something to blame for being late – traffic is the most common excuse. What’s even funnier is that many Filipinos assume that the other party will also be late.#14 Gossiping

Apparently, gossiping appears to be the favourite past time of most Filipinos. And no, Filipino women are not the only gossipers, but Filipino men as well. You can gossipers in retail stores, in the streets (usually in the morning), office comfort rooms, and even in drinking sessions. Ask the latest gossip (tsismis), and surely everyone knows about it.

#13 Disregarding Simple Rules

Pedestrians taking risks in crossing the busy street instead of using the nearby overpass, not falling in line properly, throwing garbage everywhere, men urinating in the streets, and so on. These acts only show that many Filipinos are not only lazy, but also undisciplined. What surprises me is that they behave well when they are in other countries.

#12 Finger Pointing

Filipinos are very good in the blame game. If there’s a natural calamity, Filipinos are very quick in pointing fingers to the past administration. Likewise, many poor Filipinos blame the government for their suffering, while busy making children. At work, many workers tend to finger-point if there is a problem, instead of finding ways on how to solve it.

#11 Judgmental

Many Filipinos make an immediate judgement about something or someone even without knowing all the details yet, or not hearing the other side of the story. This is also probably the reason why fake news proliferated on social media. In my opinion, I think that the reason for this bad attitude is because Filipinos are generally emotional people.

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