Top 10 Most Visited Filipino-Owned Websites in the Philippines

There are around 30 million Internet and 67 million Facebook users in the Philippines according to several online sources making the country the most number of Internet users in South East Asia.

Before the government banned adult sites a couple of years ago, porn sites dominated the top 10 most visited websites in the Philippines as many Filipinos love to watch porn.

There are tens of thousands of bloggers in the country but only a few maintain their blogs after a year or two – making Filipinos one of the most inconsistent bloggers in the world.

When Android started to dominate the mobile networking world, the number of Filipino Internet users also doubled, but normal Facebook users who use Android applications are not considered Internet users as they are not blowing search engines.

Here, we listed the top 10 most visited websites in the Philippines that are owned by Filipinos and are based in the country. The list is based on the traffic data provided by monitoring site

Alexa world ranking as of February 2018.


Alexa rank: 230.  ABS-CBN not only dominate the media in the country but also dominate the online newsreaders. Abs-Cbn’s news website is the most visited local website in the country.


Alexa rank: 630. The online version of the country’s leading newspaper is second and is attracting millions of visitors every month.


Alexa rank: 824. Launched just several years ago, Lazada ousted OLX as the leader on the online marketplace in the country. The company’s good customer service gained trust among online shoppers.


Alexa rank: 1,343. Filipinos love to read news and this is the reason why GMA is included on the top 5. GMA Network news provides fresh and updated news even before it reported on TV.


Alexa rank: 1,474. Despite controversies surrounding Rappler, the site is still ranked among the top of most visited websites.


Alexa rank: 6,927. Many wonders why this government website dedicated to teachers attract many visitors. Maybe because teachers are always checking for updates, or another reason is that the site provides school resources for teachers.

#7. OLX.Ph

Alexa rank: 6,041. It is hard to imagine how a then very popular classified ad website is falling down on this list. After the merging of Sulit and Ayosdito, the new OLX has been destined to fall due to its worse customer service and unfriendly user interface.


Alexa rank: 7,171. Metrodeal is an online shopping site dedicated to travel packages, restaurants, and other similar services. If you are looking for a good restaurant to dine with, or a place where you can relax, Metrodeal is your best choice.


Alexa rank: 8,468. Shopee is also a shopping site that is gaining momentum on the rankings. It is a new site and is gaining popularity. Shopee is one of Lazada’s main competitors.


Alexa rank: 9,958. Filipinos really love to read the news. is the online version of provincial newspaper Sunstar. The newspaper and the website is popular in the Visayas and Mindanao.

Honourable mention. This article is not complete without mentioning Jobstreet is the premier site for Filipinos looking for jobs.

By the way, those social media users who only rely on Facebook about the latest news should reconsider using Google or any of the news sites listed above to avoid being feed with fake news.


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