Top 10 Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas You Should Not Give Your Girlfriend Or Wife

Valentine’s Day is fast approaching again, and after 11 years of marriage, I still feel excited about what my hubby will give me this year. Well, he might not be that romantic type of guy but he knows what I want, and definitely knows how to tickle me inside. But sad to say, I see some men not really doing their part well when it comes to giving gifts.

There are actually great Valentine’s gifts to choose from, from the traditional ones to the unconventional ones. And as they say, it’s the thought that matters, and not the price. But for me, the best Valentine’s gift is anything that surprises me. So, if you want to surprise your girlfriend or wife, here are my top 10 Valentine’s Day gifts you should not give to her.

#10 Car Accessories

Never, ever give car accessories to your wife or girlfriend, especially if she doesn’t have a car. But if she has one, I still suggest that you don’t buy such items for her. Well, seat covers, floor mats, and steering wheel cover have practical uses but are bad Valentine’s gifts. Something that can make her comfortable inside her car is a better idea.

#9 Tutorial Book

Yes, the woman of your life may love to cook but it doesn’t mean a cookbook is a great gift for Valentine’s Day. And yes, any Do-It-Yourself or tutorial book can be helpful to her. But hey! There’s no romance at all! But if you really love to give it to her, please do it in an ordinary day, unless of course, you want her not to talk to you for at least a week.

#8 Anything With A “Heart”

Well, a heart-shaped keychain or jewellery with a heart is a great Valentine’s Day gift for teenage girls who like to show the public that they have a boyfriend. Other than that, it’s so cheesy. But if you insist on giving her a keychain or jewellery, make it a personalized one. Let her name be printed or engraved on it, and most likely she will like it.

#7 Household Appliance

Imagine this scenario: You have just enjoyed your Valentine’s dinner date with your wife, then you show her a brand new flat iron, and tell her it’s your gift for her. Duh! It’s like telling her that you don’t have one at home or she’s not good at ironing your clothes. Husbands, FYI – we are better than you when it comes to household. No excuses.

#6 Gift Cards

Women love to shop or be treated in a beauty parlour to enhance their beauty. But if you give them gift cards (or discount cards) so they can save money, you’ll look like a dirty old man to her, or worse, she’ll feel like “the other woman” in your life. So try this instead. Accompany her on her shopping journey or while enjoying her new hairstyle.#5 Clothes

Again, women love shopping, especially for their clothes. But if you’ll be buying one for her as a Valentine’s Day gift, forget it. First, women are very choosy when it comes to our own clothes. Second, how sure are you that the dress bought will fit her size, and most of all, her personality? And again, it’s much better if you just accompany her. Clear?

#4 Personal Care Products

You learned that she’s using a shampoo endorsed by her favourite movie star, and you bought her a huge bottle as a gift this Valentine’s Day. But then picture this – She will lose her excitement when she sees it, and will tell you these exact words “Well, I still have a lot of this. But thanks anyway.” And yes, giving her perfume is also a bad idea.

#3 Online Valentine’s Greetings

Well, that’s sweet! Allowing your friends to read your Valentine’s Day greetings to her even before she knows about it. And who knows? Your Facebook post or tweet might get viral, and Ellen invites you both on her show. But no, it’s totally unnecessary! Instead, enjoy your moments via video call if you two are miles away from each other.

#2 Stuff Toys

Girls love to hug stuff toys, small or big. But before you buy one for her, ask yourself, “Will she love a gift that hundreds or even thousands of other girls already have?” Well, I don’t. But don’t get me wrong, my hubby also gave me this one huge Teddy bear on our 2nd anniversary that I love it until now. You know why? Because it has my name on it.

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#1 Flowers and Chocolate

Oh! Who does not love to receive flowers and chocolate on Valentine’s Day? Well, it might work on your first year anniversary as sweethearts or while courting her. But if you keep doing this every Valentine’s Day, that’s a big “No” for me. I mean, don’t you have other ideas to surprise her? C’mon, I’m sure you’re smarter than she thinks you are.

There you go, husbands and gentlemen. If you’ve read my post religiously, you’ll understand my advice. I’d like you to be unique, be more romantic, and be more creative. I love being pampered, no matter how old I am, especially if the man who will pamper me on Valentine’s Day is the man I want to be with for the rest of my life. And by the way, it’s also my birthday!



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