Top 10 Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas You Should Not Give Your Boyfriend Or Husband

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, and you’re still thinking of what to give to the man of your life, which is why you’re now reading my post. Well, I can’t blame you. I mean, really, men are very hard to please when it comes to gifts. But don’t worry, you came to the right place. I’ve been giving gifts to my husband for 12 Valentine’s Day.

But first, I’m not here to tell you the kind of gift your boyfriend or husband wants to receive. Instead, I’ll be suggesting the ones that you should not even think about giving to him. It works for me, and I’m pretty sure it will also work for you. So ladies, brace yourself. Below are my top 10 Valentine’s Day gifts you should not give to him.

#10 Underwear and Socks

The idea of buying underwear or a pair of socks for your boyfriend, especially on your first Valentine’s Day as a couple is a very bad idea. And yes, I also don’t advise them even if you’ve been married for decades. First, it’s awkward to explain the size of your man to a saleslady. But more importantly, he can buy them any time he wants to.

#9 Shirt and Polo

You may notice that your boyfriend or husband has a favourite brand of shirt and polo. But it doesn’t mean he’ll be happy if you buy one for him on Valentine’s Day. Just like us women, men are also conscious of what they wear. Don’t assume that because he loves wearing a Ralph Lauren polo, he’ll also like the style of polo you bought for him.

#8 Tech Gadgets
Yes, tech gadgets such as smartphone, tablets, or camera are great gifts, but only for your brother, son, or male friends, but not for your man. First of all, he probably has one already. And even he still doesn’t have one, he prefers himself to buy one for him. Plus of course, tech gadgets usually have a new version the following year.

#7 Valentine’s Concert Ticket

“Hey, darling! I got two tickets for Valentine’s concert.” I remember telling this to my husband a couple of years ago. And you guessed it right. His reply was exactly the same words I said to him. You see, buying tickets are men’s job. In fact, they know the concert details even before you know it. Why? Because they do it to make us happy.

#6 Romantic Movie Night

Celebrating Valentine’s Day by watching a romantic movie with him is great for you, but never for him. If you insist that, it’s either he’ll fall asleep even before the movie reaches halfway, or will just watch you giggle during romantic scenes. You’ll realize what I mean once you watch a rock concert with him, and you know nothing about the band.#5 Personal Hygiene Stuff

Razor, beard oil, and other personal hygiene products are very useful but are not the best Valentine’s gift for men. Just like underwear and socks, men can easily buy them, too. Besides, they are consumable products. And before you know it, the razor you gave to him is at the garbage can because it did not fit the smoothness he likes.

#4 Gift Card
I remember one time, I gave my hubby a gift card as Valentine’s gift. He looked happy when he got it, but only for a while. When he went to the fitness store and tried to use it. But he didn’t find the item he like, so he gave the gift card to his brother. You see, some men’s stuff is not applicable to all men. And only men can explain that to other men.

#3 Fitness Equipment

I know you want your man to be in better shape, but buying fitness equipment is a bad Valentine’s gift. You see, men know their physique, and they know what they can about it. Sad to say, you’ll never know about it simply because you’re not a man. And yes, Valentine’s Day is the best day to make him feel he needs some exercise.

#2 Dinner Treat

The best way to win a man’s heart is through his stomach. Yes, it’s true, but it doesn’t mean it’s alright for him that you will pay for Valentine’s dinner date. In case you’re not aware, paying for something special with a woman is a man’s ego. Think of what he will feel when the waiter offers the bill to him, then you suddenly butt in and pay for it.

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#1 Stuff Toys

A stuffed toy is the worst Valentine’s Day gift a man can receive. In fact, I initially planned not to include this until my sister-in-law gave one to her boyfriend 4 years ago. When I asked her why she thought of this, she just said: “For a change.” Just the other day, I saw her with her boyfriend, and he told me he gave it to his younger sister the following day.

Again, I’m not here to tell you the best Valentine’s gift for men. But here are some tips. First, don’t try to change your man’s personality, especially on the most romantic day of the year. Second, know the simple things that make him happy. Third and the most important tip, make some extra effort to know what he likes without asking him.


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