Top 10 Most Memorable Scenes of Bagets Movie: A Tribute to Direk Maryo J Delos Reyes

#5 William and Yayo’s kilig moments

Yes, Bagets movie started the real-life romance of William Martinez and Yayo Aguila. Here, William (Tonton) plays as an “overstaying” high school student who fell in love with Rose (Yayo). Direk Maryo J. was kind enough to let the audience feel their love. But As we all know, the couple separated in 2010, after being married for 25 years.

#4 Love scene of J.C. Bonnin and Chanda Romero

Toffee (J.C. Bonnin) was the son of an actress (played by Liza Lorena) who does not attend to his needs. He then met Christine (played by Chanda Romero), a flight attendant who is older than him. In short, they had a May-December affair. And because Direk Maryo J. knows his audience, their love scene was so romantic.

#3 Herbert finally said, “Melissa, I love you!”

Besides his financial problem, Herbert’s character is also loveless. He is actually deeply in love with Melissa (played by Jobelle Salvador), but he has no guts to tell her. But finally, moments before they graduate, he finally went to their house and said, “Melissa, I love you!” What he does not know is that Melissa has been longing to hear it from him.#2 Aga Mulach dances to Michael Jackson song

Aga (Adie) fell in love with Baby Delgado (Ivy), a sorority sister of his mother. However, Delgado is married but his husband is always away, and so Aga became her temporary companion. They did not have a love scene, but Aga showed to her his dancing skills in a disco house to the tune of Michael Jackson’s “Wanna Be Startin’ Somethin’.”

#1 Death of Rose

With William’s immature character, he accepted the drag-racing challenge in a public street. This led to a road accident and Rose died instantly. In a hospital, he realized his mistake and avoided his friends for a while. Upon his release, he convinced his businesswoman mother (who spoiled him) to treat his father well, despite being jobless.

Bagets is also the first movie that featured all the major occasions in the Philippines, such as Christmas Eve, New Year’s Eve, Holy Week, and Valentine’s Day. It also showcased the experiences of typical high school students – the JS Prom, Intramural, and graduation day. And unlike the movies today, the songs used were original versions.

I also admire Delos Reyes’ other great films such as “Magnifico” (2003), “Naglalayag” (2004), and the box-office hit movie “A Love Story” (2007). His last film, “The Unmarried Wife” (2016) even earned Angelica Panganiban a FAMAS Best Actress award and Dingdong Dantes the FPJ Lifetime achievement award. But then, Bagets 1 is very special to me.

Thanks for the memories, Direk Maryo J. Delos Reyes!


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