Top 10 Most Memorable Scenes of Bagets Movie: A Tribute to Direk Maryo J Delos Reyes

The passing away of Direk Maryo J. Delos Reyes last January 27 due to heart attack shocked the Philippine movie industry. At the age of 65, he had directed 15 movies and 19 TV dramas, mostly at GMA-7. In fact, he was supposed to direct “Hindi Ko Kayang Iwan Ka,” an upcoming drama series at the Kapuso network this coming February.

But why is the original Bagets movie worth remembering? Well, first of all, it features the then-rising young stars, Herbert Bautista, Raymond Lauchengco, J.C. Bonnin, and my forever crush, Aga Mulach. William Martinez was then a star than when he did the movie. Anyway, for the information of millennials, “Bagets” means new (bago), or young adults.

However, Bagets 1 was not just to make “kilig” to teenage girls like me or to teach “porma” to teenage boys. Each of the main cast has their own sad story to tell, and strong moral lessons to learn, especially when it comes to family issues. Nevertheless, below are my top 10 most memorable scenes of Bagets, as my tribute to Direk Mary J.

#10 The different kinds of teachers

I can say that Direk Maryo J was good at choosing the actress to portray the different kinds of teachers in high school. The strict, the slow, the old, the cool, and the “hot”, you name it. You’ll find all of them in Bagets. Unfortunately, I don’t know their names, but I remember the late Zorayda Sanchez and the then-sexy star, Irma Alegre were among them.

#9 The mothers of Bagets

Bagets movie will not be effective without the mothers. In the movie, Direk Maryo J. was able to cast some great veteran actresses. This includes Rosemarie Gil, Celia Rodriguez, Liza Lorena, Lita Gutierrez, and Luz Valdez. Each of them was given a chance to prove their acting talents, especially in playful scenes. Great job, really!

#8 Circumcision of Herbert Bautista

Yap, Herbert Bautista’s character (Gilbert) was still uncircumcised (supot) at his age. His father is a policeman (played by Butch Bautista, Herbert’s father in real life) who seldom gives money, while his mother is a hardworking businesswoman. Knowing Bistek as an effective comedian, I burst into laughter when the lady doctor did the “tuli” to him.
#7 Raid in massage parlour
As typical teenagers who want to experience “the first time,” William, Herbert, Raymond, JC, and Aga went to a massage parlour. As expected, the boys were excited. But when the “session” is about to start, a team of policemen raids the massage parlour. While they were trying to escape, Herbert saw was his father as one of the customers.

#6 Raymond Lauchengco sings “So It’s You”

In the movie, Raymond Lauchengco plays the role of Arnel, a son of a rich family who fell in love with Janice (Eula Valdez), a daughter of middle-class parents. At first, Arnel’s mother (Rosemarie Gil) disapproves their romance but later accepted Janice. And yes, Raymond singing his hit song “So It’s You” was so “kilig. No more, no less.


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