Top 10 Hottest Filipina Journalists Over 40

People get old but others just refuse to look like old. These Journalists and TV personalities maintain their good looks despite their age.

Let’s take a look at the top 10 hottest Filipina journalists and anchors over 40 years old.

10. Christine Bersola-Babao (46)

Christine Bersola-BabaoChristine Bersola-Babao is considered a “celebrity mother”.

The veteran multimedia personality, despite adding some weight at her age, is still one of the most attractive media personalities over 40 years old. Julius Babao is one lucky sob to have Tintin as his dutiful wife.

9. Lyn Ching-Pascual (43)

Lyn Ching-PascualLyn Ching-Pascual, popularly known as Lyn Ching, is a TV personality in the Philippines. She is a hosts on the daily morning news program “Unang Hirit” on GMA. She is an avid reader and has a large collection of books. She actively participates in the advocacy of book reading particularly for children and is an image model for the Get Caught Reading campaign of the National Book Development Board’s quarterly publication, Bookwatch.

8. Claire Celdran (40)

Claire CeldranClaire Celdran is getting hotter as she is getting older. She is currently a news anchor of CNN Philippines morning newscasts, New Day and Newsroom, and also a former anchor of the global newscast, Global Newsroom. She co-anchored the CNN Philippines morning newscasts Headline News with Amelyn Veloso

Celdran previously worked at ANC, EBRU TV, and SNC/9TV.

She is a niece of social activist Carlos Celdran and broadcast journalist David Celdran.

7. Korina Maria Sanchez-Roxas (53)

Korina Maria SanchezYou may wonder why we included Korina in this list. Well, be honest and admit that at the age of 53, Korina is still and always be hot. She has a unique sex appeal on her own.

Ignore her unlikable attitude and I’m sure you don’t want to say no to Korina despite being oldest in this list. If you are to pick between Korina and Leni Robredo (52), I am pretty sure you will pick Korina, though both women are still in perfect shape and have lots of energy to waste.

6. Amy Perez (48)

Amy PerezAmy Perez started as an actress, and still an actress, but because she is working as TV presenter and spent long years as host, this list is not complete without her. Perez is one of those people who seems not ageing. She can do everything from hosting to being an anchorwoman.

5. Bernadette Sembrano (41)

Bernadette SembranoBernadette Lorraine Palisada Dominguez Sembrano Aguinaldo (born February 18, 1976), better known as Bernadette Sembrano, is a Filipina reporter, newscaster, and television host.

Sembrano since her younger is always included in the lists of hottest anchors and journalists so no wonder why she is still in this list.

4. Pinky Webb (47)

Pinky Webb

Try to watch CNN Philippines every day and see if you will not fall in love with this veteran journalist. Pinky is a combination of pure beauty and intelligence. She is the face and voice of CNN Philippines.

3. Karen Davila (46)

Karen DavilaThis list is not complete without the “2015 Esquire Magazine Sexiest Woman Alive”. If you don’t agree that Karen is hot and should be on number 3, you should stop reading now.

2. Cheryl Cosim (43)

Cheryl Cosim For people who have no idea about Cheryl’s background, the lady was actually a beauty queen before becoming a newscaster. Cheryl Cosim was the 1989 Limgas na Dayat first runner-up in Lingayen, Pangasinan, started as a weather girl for ABS-CBN and then hosted her own public affairs program.

Sometimes during the 2004 Presidential Elections, a Presidential candidate declared nuisance by the Comelec stalked Cheryl. The candidate said Cheryl was his wife (out of obsession).

1. Vicky Morales (48)

Vicky MoralesVicky Morales is beautiful inside out, but the lady has an extraordinarily strong personality.

Vicky Morales carries her own sunshine. The lady is a ray of positive energy. She listens intently, leaning in and meets your eye with sincerity. She doesn’t miss names upon introductions. She tries them out by rolling them off her tongue, committing them to memory. She remembers details, a skill you know came even before she got into the news and public service.

Hard to believe that the woman with the youthful glow and trim figure has clocked in a solid 25 years in Broadcast Journalism, an arena that has thrust her into the public eye. And in this digital age where every news personality is online and networking with the rest of the world, Vicky prefers a different track.

Vicky Morales’s looks and body is just refusing to get old.


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