Top 10 Highest Paying Jobs in the Philippines for 2018

For five years since the IT/BPO business proliferated in the Philippines, IT-related jobs have been dominating the lists of high paying jobs.

Although middle management level manufacturing jobs are sometimes higher, the discrepancy between companies is high enough to get an average. For example, a junior manufacturing supervisor in a Japanese firm receives P15,000 to P18,000, while the same position in American firm received at least P25,000. revealed that employees in IT/Software and IT/Network Systems consistently ranked first and second on the lists of top-paid employees in the country.

For junior executives (Supervisor/Team leader), IT/Software jobs pay the highest salary with an average of P37,784 per month, while the same position on IT/Network jobs pays an average of P33,029 per month.

Lawyers with one to three years of experience meanwhile ranked third with an average of P27,033 per month.

The following is the list of top ten highest paying jobs in the Philippines with the average monthly salary. Seven out of ten are related to Business Process Outsourcing (BPO)

  1. IT/Computer (Software Development) –P37,784
  2. IT/Computer (Network, System, Database Admin) – P33,029
  3. Law/Legal Services – P27,033
  4. Actuarial Science/Statistics – P27,032
  5. Engineering (Electronics/Communications) – P26,379
  6. Public Relations Communications – P25,153
  7. Technical and Helpdesk Support) – P25,078
  8. Sales (Telesales/Telemarketing) – P24,400
  9. Training and Development – P23,762
  10. Customer Service – P23,369

The report accumulated by is from the rates posted by employers mostly in Metro Manila area.

Middle to higher management manufacturing jobs, however, have different rates. A fresh graduate Instrumentation Engineer can fetch up to P40,000 in American petroleum companies. Mechanical Engineers and safety Officers can make up to P50,000 in oil-related industries.

Related: 10 Underrated Jobs that Pays Higher than Call Center Agent, however, stressed that the salary depends on the level of experience and the employer’s capacity to pay. The company also advises that newly-graduates should decide thoroughly before applying for a job.

Parents also advised taking a look at the current employment and job trends before forcing their children to study what they want.
DOLE said that the unemployment rate has decreased, but there is an increase in underemployment rate. This is due to the wrong choice of course according to the agency.

Some of the highest unemployed/underemployed graduates are nurses, HRM-graduates, seafarers, and business-related courses like commerce, management, marketing, and entrepreneur.

New graduates with good communications and computer skills are encouraged to apply as call center agents.

For those who want to work from home, there are also a lot of alternatives for freelance workers.

The surge of freelance Filipino workers in the last two years are also noted by DOLE as a good alternative for unemployed people.

A content writer can make around P12,000 to P18,000 a month working from home, while web developers, graphic designers, application programmers, and other web-programming related jobs can make up to a hundred thousand pesos per month.

Blogging has been a big source of income for some Filipinos as well.

There were earlier reports that some Pinoy bloggers are making $500 to as high as $10,000 a month. These reports are under investigation by the Bureau of Internal Revenue. /Cecile Santos/


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