Top 10 Most Dangerous and Deadliest Roads and Highways in the Philippines

According to the Philippine National Police (PNP) record, an average of 134 people are dying every day on road mishaps, with more than 50% involves motorcycles.

The Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA) revealed the figure at the launch of Save Lives #SlowDown road safety campaign during the Global Road Safety Week last week. The event, spearheaded by Safe Kids Worldwide Philippines (SKWP), was hosted by SM Prime Holdings Inc. at the Mall of Asia.

The PSA study also showed that road accidents are the main cause of deaths among Filipino youths aged 15 to 19.

Although the country’s highways are mostly safe to travel by educated professional drivers, the main cause of the accident is speeding, with only small percentage attributed to road conditions.

The following is the list of most dangerous roads and highways in terms of accidents and fatalities based on PSA data.

1. Commonwealth Avenue, Quezon City

Perhaps you are expecting some kind of zig-zag road to top this list but you are wrong. The Commonwealth Avenue in Quezon City is the deadliest road in the Philippines because of its 18-lane thoroughfare that makes stubborn jaywalkers no place to run. The road is also home to reckless and speeding bus drivers.

2. C-5 Road Road

The second deadliest road in the Philippines is still inside Metro Manila. Circumferential Road 5 (C-5), is a high-speed road and most victims are cars and trucks. The motorist that passes here should worry not only the road accident caused by speeding vehicles and poor road conditions but also the rocks and other hard materials are thrown by irresponsible roadside residents.

4. NLEX and SLEX

Both North Luzon Expressway (NLEX) and South Luzon Expressway (SLEX) are high-speed highways and there is no day of the month that these highways are free of an accident. Accidents in both highways are what makes contracted towing companies busy every hour. Both highways contribute a big number of accidents every day.

5. Maharlika Highway, Quezon Province to Camarines Sur

Part of Maharlika Highway from Quezon Province to Camarines Sur is one of the most dangerous roads in the Philippines. Try going to Naga and you can see a lot of abandoned vehicles along the road that were damaged due to an accident. Forget about the zig-zag part in Atimonan, the new bypass road is part of the accident-prone highway.

6. Star Tollway, Batangas

The Star Tollway (Southern Tagalog Arterial Road), is the deadliest highway in Southern Luzon due to its failed design and uneven surface. There is no day that the towing company contracted to monitor the highway can rest the whole day as there is an accident almost every 3 hours between Sto. Tomas, Batangas and Batangas City.

7. Zigzag Road, Atimonan, Quezon

Probably the most difficult road to navigate in the Philippines because of its ridiculous angles, this highway that passes through a protected forest offer challenge to every driver, especially for bigger vehicles. Add that 2013 Atimonan massacre, the killers know exactly where to ambush their victims. Zigzag, also known as Eme road, is also one of the most elevated roads inside the country.

8. Halsema Highway, Mountain Province

Halsema Highway is one of the dangerous and highest elevated roads in the Philippines. Landslides posses bigger challenge to motorists here as the road is curved beside the mountains. Some people consider Halsema Highway as one of the most dangerous roads in the world.

9. Kennon Road, Baguio City

If you visited Baguio, this should not come as a surprise to you. The elevation and fog make the place more dangerous to navigate, especially on early morning and late in the afternoon.

10. Sumulong Highway, Antipolo

Sumulong Highway is the place where high-speed jeepneys live every day. The absence of street lights, angled and uneven curves, plus the speed of the passing vehicled makes this road one of the deadliest in the country.

Also worth mentioning is the Sungay road connecting Tagaytay City, and Talisay, Batangas.

This may be the first time that you hear about this road being included in the list of the most dangerous roads in the Philippines, but its name alone says its reputation. Sungay is where you drive if you go to down to Taal Lake from Tagaytay City. Sungay road is considered as one of the steepest roads in the country so check your breaks before going downhill.

Other honourable mentions are Sampaloc road in Tanay Rizal, Trans Central Highway in Cebu, Marcos Highway in Antipolo, and Roxas-Caticlan road.


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