Top 10 Best Piggery and Pig Farms in Cebu

When you think about Cebu, you think of its white-sand beaches, amazing falls, and beautiful historical sites. But once the food is mentioned, you think of Lechon!

One of Cebu’s famous cuisine is their lechon, which is a roasted pig. And when we think about pigs, we need to talk about hog farms and piggeries. Unlike in Manila, Cebu still has its rural areas where the pig farms are located.

hog farm
Hog farm

Piggeries are an important part of the food industry. Filipinos in general love eating pork especially on special occasions. This article will help you find the best hog farms not only in Cebu but the whole Philippines.

1. Virginia Farms, Inc. Maguikay Plant

Virginia Farms is an agri-industrial business that is located in Mardonio Ceniza, Cebu City. If you want freshly cut pork chops for your barbecue nights or a piglet for fresh tocino, this farm is the best place to go. It is open every day and it closes at 5:00 PM. They have their own website – where you will see their products. They are proud of their inexpensive fresh pork cuts that will surely delight every customer. You can also call them at their number – (032) 415 1150.

2. The Pork Shop- Banilad Branch

This pig farm located in J. Panis St. in Cebu City and is highly recommended by its customers. The meat is freshly cut and it is definitely clean. Some say that if you’re lucky enough, they will sell you some meat with a discount. They also follow every instruction given and you just need to specifically say what part you like. For order, you can call them at (032) 416 3554 or go directly to their place.

3. Janzkie Farm

Another great swine business is Janzkie Farm. It is located in San Miguel, Owak, Asturias, Cebu City. This hog farm lets its customers see their facilities to make sure that everything is clean. If you believe in ‘what you see is what you get’, then definitely this one is for you!
For inquiries, you may call them at 0908 279 3577 or visit their farm.

4. Cebu Nubians Goat Farm

Though the name says goat farm, they do not sell goats only. They have all sorts of farm animals you can think of. But they also have pigs and hogs. They have feeder pigs or piglets/baktin/biik that customers can either slaughter for selling or grow and finish for selling. Their location is at Cebu S Rd, Minglanilla, Cebu

5. Excelsior Farms Inc.

Farms have different specialties and this one specializes in selling pigs. With their hi-tech facilities and slaughterhouses, you can make sure that every pig, piglet, cow, hog, and other swine are taken care of by the best. The food you will consume, whether is it for a party of your own or you are going to resell it, you can definitely check them out at Pres. Magsaysay St, Cebu City. You may contact them through the phone – 0917 556 4562

6. Asturias Farms Inc

When we imagine farms, many of us still think of a very rural area. But that is not the case with Asturias Farms Inc. It is an eco-friendly farm with state-of-the-art slaughterhouse facility. Just like the name suggests, it is located in Asturias, Cebu. They have various products for live hogs and pigs to slaughtered piglets and cuts for selling or consuming.

7. Areopagita Farm Inc.

This poultry farm mostly houses chickens. However, they are one of the sought-after hog farms in this part of Cebu as they are known by the locals. Located in Sibonga, Cebu, Areopagita Farm Inc. will delight your taste buds with their pork cuts as they make their products healthy and tender with the food, they make them eat. You may contact them at 0943 342 8988 or at their office.

8. Ran Store & Farm (Piggery)

This piggery is just getting bigger and better with their service and products. They are known to have excellent customer service with an equally excellent product. Located at Antonio Y De Pio National Hwy, Tuburan in Cebu, Ran store and farm is another one-stop-shop for your pig and hogs needs. They give big discounts for people who buy 10 piglets/soar/hog/boar and above. You may call them at 0947 227 0143 for orders and inquiries.

9. William and Flor’s Piggery

Though not as advanced and big as the other piggeries, William and Flor’s hog farm will entice you with their local hogs. You could say that they are more organic than the rest as they are still using the old’s way to grow their pigs. Located in Daanbantayan, Cebu, you may visit them. But it is best to call their number first, 0966 411 1184.

10. QM Farms

From the owner of QM Builder comes a piggery that is just as good as their main company, the QM Farms. With their products like A.I, Semen, Piglet, Fatteners, Boar Piglet, and Sow Piglet, it is a one-stop-shop for your reselling business or consummation. You can see their prices and other products on their website – that is very up-to-date.

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