Top 10 Best Law Firms in Cebu

“Justice delayed is justice denied” as William E. Gladstone said, that is why it is crucial and very essential to pick for the right person who has the capability and knowledge to defend you in any case that you are facing.

A lot of cases and issues have not been solved over the years, probably because of complainants’ lack of resources or the most common causes? Corruption practices of lawyers and firms in the Philippines. As DLSU College of Law Founding Dean Jose Manuel Diokno said one of the points in his research that there are 40% corruption cases among lawyers in the firm

Hence, there are still a lot of Law firms that offer their best and reliable services to any person who’s in need.

At the point of confusion and doubt to which you can run for help, here are the top 10 Best Law Firms found in Cebu:

  1. Cebu Investment House Consulting and Law Office

The House is run by Gonzalez and Associates. The firm offers assistance in personal and legal concerns which include business registration, government compliance, taxation, labor, payroll, accounting, and purchase/lease assistance.
Location: 1510 Keppel Center, Ayala – Cebu Business Park
Contact : (+63 32) 412-4289,  (+63 32) 236-0111

  1. Misal- Martin Law Office

The firm assures that they safeguard and defend one’s privileges in judicious comportment guided by the ideology of law, justice, and equity with their 3P’s Prompt, Professional and Personalized Legal Services.

The Firm offers Philippine Civil Law and Civil Rights, Family Law, Antitrust and Trade Regulation, Banking and Finance, Business and Industry, Criminal Law, Political and Constitutional Laws, Election Laws, Labor Laws, Loan Negotiations and Corporate Documentation, Commercial Law, Real Estate, Tariff & Customs, Immigration Law and Litigation.
Location: Room 4, Second Floor, Coast Pacific Downtown Center, Sanciangko Street, Cebu City, Philippines 6000, Cebu City, 6000 Cebu
Contact: (032) 505 8608

  1. Mendoza Law Office

The firm provides a no-cost legal forum open for all, it gives a free platform for attorneys, lawyers and members of the public to share their opinions and knowledge about current legal issues in the Philippines, as well as learn from each other about the real-world application of the law. There is an extensive online law library covering all aspects of Philippine law. This online library is a free resource for all attorneys, lawyers and the public. Aside from that, it updates regularly for some helpful articles on current issues and manages to offer the Philippines the largest directory of attorneys.
Location: JL Millennium, Don Jose Avila St, Cebu City, Philippines 6000, Cebu City, 6000 Cebu
Contact: 0908 889 1964

  1. Bathan Reyes Abadiano and Associates Law Firm Company

The history of the firm can be traced way before 1952 when it was founded by Wenceslao Fernan. In the 1950s, the firm evolved into a partnership between Ramon L. Osmeña and Marcelo B. Fernan, bearing the name Fernan, Osmeña & Associates Law Firm. After two decades, the firm became M. B. Fernan & Associates, with Atty. Alicia E. Bathan as one of the associates then. With the appointment of Marcelo B. Fernan as Justice of the Supreme Court of the Philippines in 1986, the firm became Bellaflor, Bathan, and Associates.
Location: Magallanes Street, Cebu City, Philippines 6000, Cebu City, 6000 Cebu
Contact: (032) 255 5006

  1. Gonzales Tan Gatchalian & Associates Law Firm

Gonzales & Associates is a law firm based in Cebu, the Philippines is an expert in criminal law, intellectual property, real state collection, commercial law, civil law, tariff and customs, litigation and immigration law. Although the firm is located in Cebu, it operates throughout the whole Philippines.
Location: 15th floor Keppel Center, Ayala – Cebu Business Park, Cebu, 6000 Philippines           
Contact: (63-32) 236-0111, (63-32) 412 – 4289

  1. SyCip Salazar Hernandez & Gatmaitan

SyCip Salazar Hernandez & Gatmaitan is the largest and the leading full-service law firm in the Philippines, with its principal office in Makati, the financial and business center of metropolitan Manila, and branch offices in Cebu City, Davao City, and Subic. Although the firm’s practice centers on business activities, it has since its founding offered a broad and integrated range of legal services that cover such areas as family relations, constitutional issues, and other matters of law unrelated to commerce.
Location: 406 Keppel Center, Cardinal Rosales Ave. cor. Samar Loop, Cebu Business Park, Cebu City, 6000 Cebu
Contact: (032) 233 1211

  1. Fornolles & Musong Law Firm

Fornolles and Musong Law Firm is a Cebu-based firm providing customized and results-oriented solutions to the client’s legal needs. Our Firm draws from its extensive experience and exposure in the various facets of legal practice to provide a multi-disciplinary yet simple approach devising and providing quality strategic solutions for its clients’ wide-range of legal and business needs.
Location: Room 211, Rivergate Commercial Complex,, General Maxilom Avenue, Cebu City, Cebu
Contact: (032) 261 5756

  1. SP Madrid And Associates

Specializes in litigation, whether criminal, administrative or civil gives on-going counseling and monitoring of client activities, business movements, opportunities and business expansion, international affiliation, contract preparation, and other relevant matters.
Location:  318, Krizia Bldg., 110 Gorordo Bldg., Cebu City, 6000 Cebu
Contact: (032) 517 1000

  1. Abella & Abella Law Office

Civil and Criminal Litigation Specialist at Abella & Abella Law Office (formerly Abella Torrefranca & Abella Law Offices). Providing competent Legal services in Metro Cebu and the Visayas.
Location: 9 Salvador St, Cebu City, 6000 Cebu, Philippines
Contact: (032) 511 3812

  1. PACT Law Office

PACT (Partners Auman Caballes Tapia) Law Office specializes in Business Organization and Registration, Real Estate Transactions, Estate Planning and Settlement, Contract Review and Drafting, Human Resource Consultancy, Resident Agent Service, Corporate Services, Notarial Service, Legal Consultancy, Criminal law, Civil law, and Land Litigation
Location:  1449 E Capitol Rd, Cebu City, 6000 Cebu
Contact: (032) 416 1590

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