Top 10 Best Building Electricians and Electrical Services in Metro Manila

Whether be it lighting the façade of buildings, hallways, rooms, etc. or powering up the essential systems that sustain the functionality of the building, you must consider getting your hands on expert electricians and engineers to make it all happen.

From the conceptual stage to the eventual maintenance of the building, there will be a perpetual need for electricians and other electrical service-related tasks to support the building’s functionality. Fortunately, there are various electrical services based in Metro Manila, and most of them have proven track records.

Here’s a catch: a building is deemed useless without proper electrical wirings and equipment. You might as well just scrap the building of its parts and sell it. On the flip side, you should get your hands on reputable electrical service companies to do maintenance, electrical wiring work, etc. Read on to get insights:

  1. Nema Electric Co., Inc.

Electrical repair, design, and maintenance are some of the services offered by Nema Electric Co., Inc. They employ a group of expert electricians who can do the job quickly — without you worrying about the quality of work.
Location: NEMA Building, 506 Calbayog St., Cor Malinao St., Brgy. Highway Hills, Mandaluyong City
Phone: (02) 8531 4714

  1. RFR3 – Electrical Installation Services

What’s so great about RFR3 – Electrical Installation Services is that it offers basically any electrical services imaginable. If your building has some sort of electrical problems, they can have it sorted out in a jiffy.
Location: 1811 Int 35 Barrio Stamaria, 1007 Pedro Gil St, Paco, Manila City
Phone: 0915 745 8861

  1. SLS Electrical Services

If your goal is to have better functioning, and efficient wiring work for your building, consider SLS Electrical Services. It offers top-notch wiring services, however, they’re only limited to that scope of expertise. Nevertheless, consider your building enhanced once they finished the job.
Location: 25 Ipil st. Libis Bulelak, Malanday, Marikina City
Phone: (02) 7940 9758

  1. J. Espiritu Engineering Services

What may seem like a one-man team, despite the group’s name, is actually comprised of a number of professional engineers. Likewise, it offers services from, but are not limited to electrical design and consultancy, to maintenance and repair.
Location: 50-A Main Ave, Murphy, Quezon City
Phone: (02) 8913 8234

  1. EMAN Electrical Services

Do you have any equipment and system experiencing a power outage? Fret not, because EMAN Electrical Services can diagnose and offer solutions accordingly. They are experts doing PAT tests and have sophisticated tools on their disposal — a testament to their quality service and workmanship.
Location: 88 Julita Street, Santa Quiteria Rd, Caloocan City
Phone: 0922 887 6324

  1. FMJ Marketing & Electrical Services, Inc.

An experienced contractor on the electrical design and installation field, FMJ Marketing & Electrical Services, Inc. has proven time and time again that high-quality workmanship is synonymous with their company. Consider opting for them if you want extensive wiring works installed on your building.
Location: B F Homes Rd, Quezon City
Phone: (02) 3431 4133

  1. R.A. Dela Rosa Electrical Services

No matter if you have defective wiring or equipment, or badly needing assistance for a faulty outlet, R.A. Dela Rosa Electrical Services can give you much-needed help. They have in their portfolio numerous projects done and employs a number of electricians that are both experts and up for the job.
Location: 6540 E. Ramos, Makati City
Phone: (02) 8514 3925

  1. Xd Ever Transformer Service Corporation

As the name suggests, it offers top-notch services and solutions for every transformer-related issues such as power fluctuations, interruptions, among others. For instance, as the days, weeks. and months goes on, the building equipment and outlets are providing less power. Few groups can diagnosis the issue for this specific problem that only groups specializing in transformers can provide.
Location: 1129 Natividad Lopez St, Ermita, Manila City
Phone: (02) 8527 7672

  1. R.B. Poblete Electrical Services

A seasoned electrical contractor, R.B. Poblete Electrical Services has compiled a portfolio that manifests both high-quality workmanship and great expertise. With under numerous projects done under their belt, consider yourself satisfied with the services they will provide. In particular, they offer electrical design, repair, maintenance, and consultancy services.
Location: Room 300, Quinio Building, 64, Sen. Gil Puyat Avenue, Makati City
Phone: (02) 8843 7534

  1. Hemma Ferma Electrical Services, Inc.

Are you having constant power outages? Or perhaps, an unusually high monthly electric bills? Consider having your building checked for issues such as faulty wirings, inefficient equipment setup, or exposed wirings. Hemma Ferma Electrical Services, Inc. can provide solutions as they are experts in electrical diagnosis and repair. They can do PAT tests, re-wiring works, and electrical design services.
Location: Unit 207, Cityland 10, Tower II, 6817, Dela Costa Street, Legaspi Village, Makati City
Phone: (02) 8893 0629

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