Top 10 Best Big Cars for Female Drivers

The perception that women can only handle small vehicles is long gone and the number of Filipino women who want to drive SUVs is continuously increasing.

My former boss, who owned a 1998 Nissan Patrol and a 1999 Nissan Sentra GTS, always had an argument with his wife because she didn’t like to drive the GTS anymore after driving the Patrol.

My ex-girlfriend who first owned an imported 1998 Toyota Hilux Surf on 2007 refuses to drive a sedan anymore. She said she is more comfortable and feels big when she is inside her 2015 Chevrolet Captiva.

Let’s take a look at some of the best big cars for female Filipino drivers this 2018.

#1. BMW X5 XDrive30d

BMW X5 XDrive30d
BMW X5 XDrive30d

As one of the most expensive among the list at ₱6.5-M, BMW X5 XDrive30d will not fail any woman who wants to show herself off.

The diesel version of the well-known BMW SUV, the X5 XDrive30d, is unapologetically on top of the line. A considerable improvement in fuel economy is seen in the latest model, and surprisingly, the X5 manages to retain its handling prowess despite the fact

#2. Mitsubishi Montero Sports

Mitsubishi Montero Sports
Mitsubishi Montero Sports

The best-selling SUV in the Philippines for several years now continue to make its name despite many controversies.

Beloved by critics and owners alike, the new model Montero Sport is a clear front-runner in the midsize SUV category. The vehicle impresses with its smart design and engineering while keeping things affordable. And fuel economy is no slouch, either. I know six female friends who own Montero Sports and they always look like the boss when they are driving.

#3. Toyota Fortuner

Toyota Fortuner
Toyota Fortuner

Probably the cheapest on this list, the Toyota Fortuner is the most popular SUV for average buyers.

The Toyota Fortuner is a constant forerunner (pun intended) in the Philippines’ SUV category. Though often viewed as a luxury car for the middle class, it’s a shame that the Fortuner is rarely used for what it’s intended to be—an off-road beast.

The Fortuner’s off-road capability is what makes her different from the rest of this list at it is based on the tested and proven durability of Toyota Hilux.

#4. Toyota Land Cruiser

Toyota Land Cruiser
Toyota Land Cruiser

The name Land Cruiser alone already rings many bells.

If you need a superb off-road performance, there is no other vehicle of the same size that can match Toyota Land Cruiser’s capability. As Toyota’s flagship SUV has grown in every aspect—from size to price, and features—it’s amazing how the big utility vehicle has managed to retain its penchant for cruising over rough terrain. Credit the independent front and coil-long solid axle rear suspension for the utmost comfort.

#5. Land Rover Defender

Land Rover Defender
Land Rover Defender

I’ve only seen one woman who drives this monster and I have nothing but all praise on her. This is what a dream come true for every woman who loves to drive big vehicles.

The Land Rover Defender is an ultimate off-road vehicle for anyone (not only women) who want to go off-roading near Mt. Pinatubo, and even long trip via RoRo from Batangas to Mindanao.

#6. Hyundai Tucson

Hyundai Tucson
Hyundai Tucson

The Hyundai Tucson may not have the ruggedness that SUVs are known for, but what it lacks in toughness, it makes up for in fuel economy and design. As one of the most fuel economic diesel SUVs around, owners will come for the sleek styling, and stay for the luxurious and spacious interior.
Hyundai Tucson had been around for a while but her significant market share is able to make her stay in production. Many Tucson owners are still happy with their vehicles after several years and not interested in changing brands.

The release of Hyundai Sta Fe did not also hinder Tucson’s continuous market dominance.

#7. Land Rover Range Rover Sport

Land Rover Range Rover Sport
Land Rover Range Rover Sport

Range Rover is one of the most luxury-looking SUV available in the Philippines today and also the most expensive (even not armored).

The Range Rover Sport is a strong contender for the Best Diesel SUV in the Philippines title. The combination of luxury interior and mammoth off-road capabilities easily makes the Range Rover Sport one of the best in its price range (P13,500,000, more or less). And with the dismal reputation of its gas-guzzling cousin the Range Rover, the Range Rover Sport’s fuel economy is nothing short of amazing.

#8. Ford Everest

Ford Everest
Ford Everest

Although not many women drive Ford Everest compared to other vehicles above not named BMW and Land Rover / Range Rover), I think this list is not complete without Ford Everest.

For the longest time, the Ford Everest has stayed true to its front-wheel-drive beginnings. If this is what kept you from buying this Blue Oval SUV all these years, then you’ll be relieved to find out that the 2017 Ford Everest now also comes in rear-wheel-drive, which makes the car not only lighter but also cheaper.

#9. Chevrolet Trailblazer

Chevrolet Trailblazer
Chevrolet Trailblazer

The latest Chevrolet Trailblazer with upgraded navigation systems is what makes her deserved to be include in this list. Digging deep, the muscular SUV certainly has plenty to say as it immediately excites with its refinement. Tech updates such as GPS, voice recognition, Bluetooth, and a crisp touchscreen interface adds to the Trailblazer’s newfound allure.

Trailblazer’s powerful engine is also a thing to consider especially in long drives on and off-road.

#10. Mitsubishi Pajero Field Master

Mitsubishi Pajero Field Master
Mitsubishi Pajero Field Master

I don’t have many things to say here but not listing Mitsubishi Pajero is like insulting myself.  I have nothing against the Toyota Fortuner but honestly, I’ll prefer a 1999 Mitsubishi Pajero Field Master with a 2.5-liter turbocharged diesel engine (4D56T) with an inter-cooler, than a brand new Fortuner or Montero Sports regardless of the price. I have so much respect for this vehicle based on my more than 10 years of owning one.

Now that you have given the idea about the best SUV, the next thing to consider is your budget. Call the nearest dealer, or search online for the latest price.

Leave your question or comment below. Thanks for reading.

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