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Look How Gullible and Clueless Most Duterte Supporters Are

Call it an ugly truth but supporters of President Rodrigo Duterte are arguably the most gullible, if not stupid people on Earth when it comes to disseminating online information, especially the news.

Recently, a fake article saying the Playboy ’s deceased founder American millionaire businessman Hugh Hefner set aside $5 million to be donated to Duterte, has been circulating on Facebook like a wildfire.

The article, however, has a double meaning if you try to analyze it. Surely, it is fake, but Duterte supporters did not notice that the article taunts Duterte by saying he has a collection of Playboy Magazines.

Hefner died last September and his death actually has caused a little controversy after his will says his widow and four children will get nothing if they use drugs or alcohol.

The term “drugs and alcohol” might have been used as the basis of whoever wrote this fake article, but clueless Duterte supporters, who, for a long time now refuse to use Google for their own benefits, chose to remain ignorant.

The screenshot below says it has been liked more than 1,000 times within just 7 hours and what is more shocking about this is the way Duterte supporters commented.

They keep on saying “God bless” when the man was already dead five months ago.

This is a perfect example of laziness (to research) results to ignorance.

Well, there are at least two people who said the news is fake, but one got an angry response, and it didn’t stop the die-hard clueless supporters to air their support!

The fake news may die anytime soon but as long as creative people exist, stupid people also refuse to search for the truth.

The comment on the above screenshot is a living testament on just how stupid most of Duterte supporters are.

Can you imagine what will happen to this country if you have millions of these ignorant voters?

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