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Shabu, Cocaine more Expensive than 24K Gold, Data Says

The continued war on drugs of President Rodrigo Duterte resulted in a massive increase in the price of illegal drugs in many places but dragged pushers’ business in some other places due to low demand.

According to the recent data provided by the Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency (PDEA), the price of methamphetamine, or locally known as “shabu” is on its peak at up-to ₱25,000 per gram in Greater Metro Manila Area (GMA), while in Southern Tagalog, especially in Batangas and Laguna, police operations has dragged the price to its lowest at ₱800 per gram.

The following is the average street price of illegal drugs in the Philippines based on the data provided by PDEA on the 2nd quarter of 2017

Price per 1 gram

  • Shabu – ₱980 ($19) to ₱25,000 ($484)
  • Cocaine – ₱5,000 ($96) to ₱7,500 ($135.5)
  • Marijuana – ₱18 ($0.35) to ₱300 ($5.8)
  • Ecstasy – ₱1,200 ($23.32) to ₱3,000 ($58.11)

Based on the data, ecstasy is the cheapest alternative beside marijuana. It is no wonder why this type of illegal drugs is starting to get popular in the Philippines based on the recent arrests conducted by the authorities.

Looking at the current price of shabu in most part of Metro Manila, the prize of 24 carat gold per gram nothing.

With the current street price of shabu, a kilogram can fetch up to ₱25-M ($484,500) – more than ten times higher than the current price of gold at $43,406 ($2.24-M) per kilogram.

There is now an obvious reason why drug dealers are richer than gold traders.

PDEA’s data may not be applicable in all parts of the country as other places with the abundant supply of drugs while having low number customers can sell shabu for just ₱500 per gram, but of course, the quality may not be 100% pure.

Filipinos are the most innovative human race on Earth so no wonder if new types of illegal drugs will come out sooner or later.

Some of the victims of the alleged extra-judicial killing might actually have been killed by fellow drug personalities who sold them fake shabu like tawas, stork or snow bear candy, etc.

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