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Why OLX is Losing Customers, and Gradually Dying


From 2009 to 2013, I sold around 35 vehicles,  6 laptop computers, and dozens of assorted items at I purchased more than 2 tons of ukay, electronic gadgets, vehicle parts, and other things in return.

Between 2011 and 2013, I sold at least 6 cars and 8 motorcycles including 2 Honda Superfour big bikes through In return, I purchased dozens of assorted items.

That was the end of happy days though……

Last month, December 18, 2017, I posted my jeepney for sale at OLX. After a week of not receiving a single inquiry, I paid  ₱649 (Paypal) so my ad will have more exposure. I received 3 inquiries in 3 days and after seven days, my paid ad expired  I sold nothing.

I logged into my account to check what’s wrong and there I found out that OLX did really prohibit interested buyers from contacting me. My ad statistics said it received 2,685 views and inquired 23 times. So why the hell I only received 3 inquiries? Where are the other 20 customers who tried to contact me?

OLX forcing people to register in order to contact seller

I logged out, opened my ad and clicked on my own number pretending to be a buyer. That’s when shit happens. OLX asked me to log-in or register in order to see the complete contact number of the seller. I registered a new account using another browser but after that, I was directed to the homepage. I totally lost that ad.

In short, OLX’s greed and stupidity made me threw away ₱649 for nothing. I deleted my ad and promised to myself not to use this doomed website ever again.

And here’s the most interesting part.

Few hours after I deleted my ad, an OLX representative called me and asked if my jeepney was already sold that’s why I deleted it.

Rep: Hi, itatanong ko lang sir kung sold na yong item nyo at kung bakit nyo sya dinelete?

Me: Yes, sold na but not through OLX

Rep: Ay ganun ba sir, congratulations. Need lang po ng feedback nyo about your OLX experience. Napansin kasi namin based sa account nyo na marami kayong transactions dati. Pwede po bang malaman sir kung bakit hindi na kayo nagpopost?

Me: Oh yeah, because since naging OLX na yong Sulit at Ayosdito, naging walang kwenta na ang website nyo. Imagine, you are sending customers away. If you are looking into my account and check that stats of my latest post, meron jang nakalagay na 20 attempts to contact me. But alam mo ba kung ilan lang actually ang naka-contact sa akin? Just 3.

Rep: Ganun ba sir. Sorry to hear that. Bakit kaya sir?

Me: Itatanong mo pa sa akin kung bakit e pinipilit nyo silang magregister para lang makita ang number ko? Does it make any sense? Baguhin nyo yang diskarte nyo kung hindi patuloy na babagsak yang OLX.

Rep: Sorry to hear that sir. Noted po. Anything po sir?

Me: No more, thank you.

OLX is greed enough to compile personal information of their visitors without knowing that they are losing a lot of customers in the process.

If I am just window shopping for a used car, would I go through an arduous process just to register and see the seller’s phone number? Hell no. I don’t know what’s OLX’s logic in doing so. They can’t deny that the website is going nowhere. Take a look at the site’s traffic performance below. It’s like Donald Trump’s rating – in continuous decline.

Going Back to the Happy Days

I was one of the top sellers in Sulit before selling at least 3 vehicles every week and dozens of other items. I was running an ukay store and I got my supply through Sulit. I was running another aquarium-based business and I also purchased my supplies through the site.

But when the greedy OLX took over Sulit, they banned selling ukay and many other products. The worst thing was the removal of the feedback system. I had more than 80 positive feedback back then and I never engaged in any fake or scam transaction as I was dealing with vehicles personally. The removal of feedback system derailed everyone, especially the top sellers.

Another worse thing is the continuous trial and error of their faulty website script. There were several times that you can’t get anything when you type a specific keyword on the search field… even today. Below is the fine example I just tested today.

I typed “Pajero Batangas” hoping to see all Pajero listed in the province of Batangas, but the site gave me zero results. What you need to do is to go through a bloody process by selecting the cars category, then its subcategory of SUV, vans etc, and select Batangas. So that’s it. What a user-friendly site operated by swindlers.

Another worse thing is that way the category was designed is also non-user friendly to everyone. Unlike the old Sulit where you can pick the location and multiple categories with just one click on the same page, this OLX is nothing and looked like amateurish. No wonder why this business is going down.

Old search system

There’s a lot of changes-to-worse after the OLX take over and I can only imagine that despite the original owner of Sulit made a lot of money, I believe he does not like what the company he founded has become right now.

OLX owners are all about money without considering their customers. If you are still selling in there, I advise you not to pay a cent because people who are interested to contact you are getting blocked from doing so.

One of my suppliers who have dozens of posted items before has only 3 items posted right now. He shares the same sentiment.

Here’s a short summary of changes from best to worst.

  • Forum removed
  • Feedback rating removed
  • Limited postings (only two for each category)
  • Forcing buyers to register
  • Search function sucks
  • Too many products are banned
  • The paid ad became expensive with lesser options

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