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Must Read: Open Letter to Joma Sison and All NPA Members

The following is an open letter addressed to communist leader Jose Maria “Joma” Sison.

The letter was first posted on Facebook by Eric Lorenzo and was published by us last August 10, 2016. However, after we transferred our hosting server, this post was not included in our content. The letter became viral after several sites copied and republished our original content.

In his letter, Lorenzo expressed his displeasure with the communist leader who has been exiled since 1987, calling him “opportunist and social cancer who has been living in the expense of other people”.

Open Letter to Terrorist Leader Joma Sison and to all NPA Members.

Hope this story will make you proud of what you are doing.

I worked for 25 years under the heat of the sun in the Middle East in order to feed and survive my family. When I feel that my aging body can no longer do my daily job, I had to decide and gamble the small amount of money that my wife had set aside for more than two decades.

After working in Saudi Arabia for nearly 26 years, I finally decided to go home last 2011 in my hometown in Negros Occidental. My wife and I decided to open a small store selling agriculture supply products like fertilizers, certified seeds, chemicals, and other farm supplies and poultry and piggery feeds. I had to gamble my small savings into a business I never tried before.

My business was so profitable that I had to open two more branches after just 2 years. in fact, as of today, I already have 5 branches in 2 cities and 3 neighboring towns in central Negros Occidental.

My growing business was never been a secret to your terrorist group.

It was last year when I started planting sugar cane when your group sent me a letter asking for a monthly revolutionary tax of three sacks of rice and five thousand pesos. The amount of money and the supply of rice was never a problem for me. What bothers me is why ask from someone who made his life out of his own sweat? Is this making you proud?

I am not a person who just gives away my possessions to useless people for free. Even if you harass me and my business, I can still survive, but you, what are you?


Bakit kita kailangang bayaran ng revolutionary tax e hindi naman ako parte ng rebolusyon ninyo?

You are nothing but an opportunist and a social cancer. You, Bernabe Buscayno, Ninoy Aquino Jr, and other who founded and made your terrorist group exist until today are the worst thing happened into this beautiful country.

I promise to live longer in order to witness your agony soon…/Eric Lorenzo/”

Since President Rodrigo Duterte declared the reds as terrorists and canceled the peace talks, it is important for the Filipino people to be aware of this letter. Please share using the link below.

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