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Look: Gorgeous Model Helps Sell at Meat Shop in Taiwan, Makes Sales Quadruple (Photos)

A gorgeous model in Taiwan was able to increase the sales of a meat shop by quadruple in just one night. Vivi, or Little Peach as named by Taiwanese news, was temporarily hired by the owner of a meat shop in Beitun District, Taichung City. Look at the photos below, and be the judge if she can really attract customers to buy her meat.

Posted at the official Facebook page of Little Peach last January 24, the stunning Taiwanese model can be seen wearing a revealing, low-cut sweater and skimpy shorts while chopping meat and giving them to her customers with a very sweet smile. In fact, she also gave a free handshake to some generous customers, especially to men.

“So happy that Little Peach has so many customers to come and buy braised flavor.” The Taiwanese model wrote as the caption of her photos, as translated to English. As of posting, her post has more than 3,200 Shares, over 11,000 Likes, and 2,000 comments, with most of them, praise for helping the meat shop rapidly increased its sales. Interestingly, there were also some Taiwanese women who visited the said meat shop and also bought meat from Vivi. And because her photos went viral in Taiwan, multiple news outlets reported her successful stint, and dubbed her as “Braised Sister.” At the end of the day, the meat shop owner was so grateful to Vivi for her selling abilities.


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