Lists of Most Profitable Animals to Farm in the Philippines

Animal domestication in the Philippines for profit is among the top industries ever since the country was colonized by the Spaniards more than 500 years ago.

The Philippines produce different kinds of meat for local consumption; produce eggs, leather, fur, and other animal products that can be useful to human needs.

Animal farming is the main source for people living in rural areas aside from planting and cultivation of crops and vegetables.

A typical family living in the provincial rural area usually owns a pair of cattle, several goats, a couple of hogs, free-range chickens, and dogs. All these animals (except the pet dog) provides extra income for the family.

Due to the increasing demands, commercial poultry and hog growers are investing in rural areas to expand their production.

Most people do it for profit while others do both for-profit and hobby.

Farm animals (image credit

Gamefowl farm owners usually breed fighting cocks because of their interest in cockfighting, while at the same time making money by selling ready-to-fight gamefowls.

People usually think that animal domestication for profit is limited only to cattle, hogs, chicken, goats, and the like without knowing that there are really a lot of types of animals to farm in order to make money.

The following are some of the animals you can grow and farm in the Philippines in order to make extra income – or even the main source of income if you decide to go on large-scale production.

Guides, tips, and other details are available by clicking on each listed item/animal. We are still working on items that have no links to guides and will be updated soon.

Pigeon | Pigeons are the breed for sports and for the hobby. Pigeons are also sold to weddings and several other occasions.

Hogs (Backyard) | Pork is among the three most important meat in the Philippines along with beef and chicken. This guide also includes large-scale hog production.

Free-Range Chicken | Chicken are domesticated for meat and eggs. This guide is specific on free-range chicken production. Other poultry guides are available below.

Crocodiles | This might be the first time that you heard about crocodiles being farmed in the Philippines. Crocodiles are domesticated for food and leather.

Rabbits | Rabbit meat is not yet popular but the industry is getting on tracks. Rabbit meat is a good source of protein. Whether you want to grow rabbit for pet or meat, this business model is for you.

Goats | Goat meat is considered premium and is more expensive than beef in most areas in Metro Manila. The popularity of goat’s milk is also growing in Metro Manila and the demand is increasing according to the Department of Agriculture.

Pekin Ducks | One of the very important sources of meat, Pekin ducks are raised for eggs and meat.

Gamefowl Breeding | Gamefowl breeding is considered profitable if you don’t engage in gambling and focus only on breeding. A good breeder can make at least ₱3,000 net profit for every fighting cock in 14 months.

Dog Breeding | Another profitable business that only a few people are actually doing is dog breeding. Imagine a mother Labrador retriever produces six puppies. Sell each puppy for at least ₱5,000 and you’ll be into profit. If you register your dog breeding business, you can double the price.

Tilapia | Tilapia farming can be done in lakes, ponds, or earthen ponds. It’s your choice depending on the availability of your resources. This is a profitable farming business.

Native Pig | native pig farming is different from the usual hog farming. Native pork is more expensive than those whites because their diet is different and their meat is superior in quality.

Cattle | A main source of beef, cattle farming is one of the oldest types of animal domestication.

Sheep| Sheep are an important source of expensive wool and meat, especially for Muslims. Like goats, sheep farming is a lucrative farming business.

Quail Farming | The main purpose of quail farming is for quail egg production, but quail’s meat is also delicious and in high demand.

Bangus | Like tilapia farming, Bangus farming is one of the most profitable farming business. May Bangus farmers in Batangas and Laguna because millionaires while starting mall.

Chicken Broiler Farming | Whether you want to be a magnolia contract grower or a small poultry farmer, this guide can help you understand this business.

 Vermicomposting | Many Filipinos are still clueless about vermicomposting. This is a lucrative business if managed well, selling in-demand products to fellow farmers. Vermicomposting is also one of the top farming businesses that have very low risk as to the disease on wrigglers is not as bad as on those on swine, birds, and other land animals.

Chicken Egg Production | Chicken eggs is one of the most important foods not only in the Philippines but also in most countries around the world.

Horses | Horses are very important, especially to Filipino farmers. In some areas where carabaos and cows can’t be used, horses are the best alternative. They are breed mostly for sports and many other uses.

Turkeys | Turkeys farming in the Philippine shares a small percentage on the animal production industry but is lucrative and highly profitable due to expensive birds.

This list will be updated once we discover new farming ideas on other livestock that we can share to you.


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