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Kris Aquino Reacts to Bashers by Promoting Products, Sarcastic Statements

It appears that Kris Aquino is not anymore being affected by her bashers. This is based on her replies against hate comments against her. In fact, she replied with sarcasm and even promoted some products she had endorsed. This was when she recently criticized her ex-husband James Yap when he greeted their son Bimby on his birthday last April 19.

According to Kris, James Yap used to spend time with Bimby when her brother Noynoy is still the president, adding that he now seldom sees him because the Aquinos are not anymore in power. The Queen of All Media also criticized him for not providing financial support to their son and pretending to be the victim during his interviews.

“Ngayon patas na tayo, hindi na ko pwedeng ma-accuse ng power tripping. NANAHIMIK ako for so LONG- even when you crossed the line when promoting that bar you are part owner of- nagsalita ka & nasa PEP yung video na napanuod ni Bimb mismo “nakakawalang ganang mag effort na magpaka tatay kay Bimb kasi hindi naman appreciated.” Kris wrote.

“Nanahimik pa rin ako about that kasi feeling ko- wag mo kaming guluhin, peaceful tayo… Eh humirit ka w/ your birthday post. So bakit nga ba hindi kayo nagkikita? Ganito ka simple- wala ka nang pakinabang kay Bimb. Wala na kasi kaming “power” so bakit ka pa didikit? Madali kung gusto mo.” The 47-year old former presidential sister added.

As expected, Kris’ rant earned mixed reactions from netizens. Some of them agree with her and accused James Yap of using her. On the other hand, her bashers said that she could have talked to James privately and that she only wants to be controversial again because she will do a movie at Star Cinema, with Joshua Garcia and Julia Barretto.

But instead of getting pissed off, Kris Aquino replied to some of them in a sarcastic way. She also mentioned some of the products that she had endorsed, such as Smart/PLDT and Unilab. In one of her replies, she slammed a netizen who accused her of planning to ask favors from President Duterte, saying that she has already paid millions of taxes.

Last Sunday night, Kris also criticized Korina Sanchez for airing at her show Rated K an interview with James Yap and his pregnant Italian girlfriend Michela Cazzola. According to her, it was a slap on her face. She mentioned helping former DILG Secretary Mar Roxas (Korina’s husband) during the 2016 elections, but this is what she got in return. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for website owners to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to amazon(.com,, .ca etc) and any other website that may be affiliated with Amazon Service LLC Associates Program.

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