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Inspiring Story: University Janitor Graduates College From University He Works For

Meet Christopher Dahn J. Saliendra, who will soon proudly walk on stage to get his college diploma. And yes, he is a working student, as a janitor at Notre Dame of Marbel University, Koronadal City, South Cotabato, where he also finished Bachelor of Science in Education major in Mathematics (BSED-Math). Read his very inspiring story below.

“Noong una ay nahihiya pang humawak ng walis. Ngunit sa anim na taon ba namang pagsasama pati sa pictorial, aba’y akin nang isinama sapagkat kasama sya sa pagpupugay na ito.” Dahn J. Saliendra wrote on his Facebook account on Sunday, March 18, as caption to his photo wearing a toga, and holding a broom.

(At first, I feel embarrassed to hold a broom. But we have been together for six years, including in pictorials, I bring it simply because it is included in his salute to his achivement.)

According to Saliendra, there were a lot of times that he is on duty but he has to attend meeting for some school group projects, finish some thesis, and eat lunch with his classmates, and even go out with them. But of course, it did not come easy for him as a working student, as he spent 6 years in college for the 4-year college course.

And as Saliendra vividly recalls, he was already in 3rd year in his course back in 2014 and was then supposed to graduate in 2015. But as several challenges came to his life, the school janitor was still in 3rd year in 2017. Then came 2018, he is set to get his college diploma this March 25, 2018. Finally, the graduation day he long waited for.

“Tiwala lang mga working students! Basta nag paenroll ka kahit first year ka pa lang gagraduate ka talaga! (Just trust yourself, working students! As long as you enrolled in 1st year, you can really graduate!)” Saliendra added, as his advice to all working students like him. And for me, let me thank you for being such a great inspiration!

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