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Holdup Female Victim Survives 9 Stab Wounds, Wants Suspect Dead

A young female named Charlesse Megan Rivera was a victim of holdup last Wednesday. February 21. And although she suffered nine stab wounds from her assailant, she was able to share her horrifying experience on Facebook. In her lengthy post, she revealed the details of the incident, saying that she wants the suspect dead.

“Yesterday, I almost got killed. I’ve always been the kind of person who values life very much. Para sakin, the biggest sin a person can ever commit is to end a life. Kasi may Diyos eh. Siya dapat magdedecide when to end our lives. So suicide and murder are the biggest sins in life.” Charlesse Megan Rivera wrote on Thursday, February 22.

“Kahapon I went out midnight to meet a friend in Tayuman. While walking, a guy approached me. I don’t talk to strangers so I just kept on walking then suddenly, he stabbed me on my back 4 times. Kung hindi ako nagkakamali, balisong yung gamit niya. I didn’t feel any pain. Hinarap ko siya and even kicked him kasi ang akala ko sinusuntok lang niya ako.” She added, noting that she tried to fight back.”Then sinaksak niya ulit ako sa chest, sa ribs, sa neck and that made me drop my bag. He grabbed it then he stabbed me again sa legs ko at sa ulo ko. Tapos, he ran. Meron akong 9 stab wounds but I still stood up and walked kasi I can see my friend sa kanto.” Rivera further wrote, who is now was confined at the Metropolitan Medical Center.

In the mid part of her post, Rivera suggested that the suspect was probably high on drugs because she saw him still smiling while trying to kill her. In addition, the tough victim said that she is willing to give her bag to the suspect, but it appears that he really wanted to kill her. At this point, she said it would be better if the suspect will be killed.

“Point is, I was against EJK but I was slapped in the face. Willing talaga pumatay ng inosenteng tao ang isang adik o kriminal dahil gusto niya lang. I can still remember the killer’s face while he was stabbing me. He was smiling like killing is just a normal thing to do. He really wanted to kill me kasi siguro high siya. ” The holdup victim said.

“I may be wounded now but he wasn’t able to kill me. Now I’ll make sure when he gets caught, he’ll not be just wounded. He’s gonna be dead. Pero I believe bad people go to hell even before they die. Mas lalo siyang mahihirapan sa buhay.” She said on the last part, as she thanked her family and friends for taking good care of her at the hospital.

Meanwhile, Carlito Boy Cruz, the victim’s father, also posted about the incident on his Facebook, showing a photo of her daughter in her hospital bed. The angry father condemned the people who are protecting the human rights of the drug addicts and criminals but are silent when there are victims of these criminals. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for website owners to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to amazon(.com,, .ca etc) and any other website that may be affiliated with Amazon Service LLC Associates Program.

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