Here’s How Globe is Stealing Millions of Pesos from Tattoo Broadband Customers

Since Globe put a cap on my Internet speed today, I can’t do my normal chores online. I left nothing but to rant and express my frustrations here and there. I can’t even open a website in 2 minutes.

Yesterday, I registered a 3-day ₱120 Supersurf promo. With a daily allocation of 800MB, it is good for 3 days and today is the first day.

I started my Internet at around P2:00 PM today reading news and doing some research. I never watch any video for I am aware that my 800MB will be consumed in no time if I do that. Suddenly my connection got stalled.

I pulled out the sim card from my tattoo device and inserted it into my phone. I received the following message.

Hello! We noticed that your data usage today has been really high. We’re now reducing your browsing speed to maintain quality service for all Globe users. Please be guided by our acceptable terms on fair use for browsing promos, which you can read about at To browse at normal speeds, you can unsubscribe from your current promo by texting STOP <PROMO> to 8080. Regular browsing rates will apply. Try GoSURF50 for 1GB of surfing + freebie. Send GS50 to 8080.

Okay, so now here’s what is very clear.

Globe reduced my speed because it is accusing me of having a very high speed when in fact I was just reading. It is suggesting that I should discontinue my subscription and take a Gosurf50 with 1Gb limit. In short, Globe is saying that I should throw away my money to them and register for another promo.

Time is ticking and since I cannot use the Supersurf right now, it will only expire in the next couple of days without maximizing it. Globe took away a day of my registered promo.

See below after Globe put a cap on my speed. It is saying “regular speed” but the truth is, Globe totally disabled my connection.

What if I cancelled my subscription? Well, I doubt Globe will refund, which I believe highly unlikely.

What if I registered for GoSurf50 (which actually I did for the sake of my job)? After registering GS50, I got a fast connection, but Globe’s meter is also fast reducing my promo, and what obvious here is that Globe is not putting a daily limit on GS promos. In short, Globe is in for the money. Pera pera lang.

The Duterte government should act immediately on this organized syndicate.

Globe has been doing this since 2014 and I don’t know why the government is not doing anything.

Globe’s fair usage policy is not fair. Can Globe apply the same policy on businesses like BPO? Pare-pareho lang naman tayong nagbabayad di ba? Do we need to get a business account in order to enjoy the full Internet connection without interference? I don’t know. I’m just extremely frustrated.


Ayaw ng Globe na gamitin ko ang Supersurf dahil mabilis daw kaya nilagyan niya ng limit. Gusto akong pagbayarin ulit ng GS50 for another promo para syempre kumite sila. The question is, bakit walang limit ang GS50 e pareho lang naman yang load? Ahh, dahil pag naubos agad ang 1Gig, syempre mapipilitan akong bumili ulit agad para lang matapos ang ginagawa ko.

Ayala Family, Manuel Pangilinan Named Biggest Online Scammers

One of the most powerful families in the Philippines, the Ayala Family, and Manuel Pangilinan, are named the biggest online scammers that originated from the Philippines. This is what the Scamwatch, an international organization that monitors online scamming and fraud since 1998, had said.

Scamwatch study reveals that for more than a decade, both families have amassed billions of pesos from the innocent Internet and mobile subscribers by charging users unreasonably.

According to the group, Globe and Smart latest biggest scam followed when it implemented Fair Usage Policy on 2014. /Teddy Toralba/


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