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Google Reveals What People Search About Mocha Uson, and Some Other Interesting Facts

On January 21, we wrote about “How Facebook Helps Promote Underground Prostitution in the Philippines”, and one week after the article was published, we are surprised by the search phrases generated by the said article and other related contents.

Ordinary Internet users may not know that Google keeps the record of the words they type when searching for something, but some of these keywords sometimes attract people’s interests, especially when revealed publicly.

Today, we will give you an interesting fact on what people are searching about some celebrities like the ever hot “Pantasya ng Bayan” Kim Domingo, the controversial government employee Mocha Uson, and other terms that you may not think people are typing online.

Mocha Uson

We took some screenshots of our search records on a particular date (February 4), 3 days after making major changes on OKD2.Com’s on-page SEO (Search Engine Optimization), after Google re-indexed 98% of our pages.

The following data is taken from our Google Search Console account.

The first group above is dominated by four different people.

#1. Apparently, Marian Rivera’s popularity is not only limited to her beautiful face and sexy body, but also on her finances. In just one day, 139 people wanted to know how rich is Marian Rivera.

#2. Kim Domingo is really hot so no wonder why 135 people are interested in her boobs.

#3. On the other hand, people still can’t get over with Mariel De leon and as one of Duterte’s war on drugs critics.

#4. Isabelle Duterte has no Wikipedia page so no wonder why people who interested to know more about her are redirected to this website.

#1. In this group, instead of looking for “Isabelle Duterte biography”, they used “Isabelle Duterte wiki”, which of course brought them to the same page.

#2 & #3. What controversial about this data is that, the same number of people who are interested to find out about “Mocha Uson sex”, are also interested to know how rich is Iglesia Ni Cristo Executive Minister Eduardo Manalo is.  Pairing both keywords is really mind-blogging, and we don’t know what they wanted to find out when typing such funny keyword. Perhaps they are looking for Mocha Uson sex video? Or scandal Maybe? Hard to guess…

Here is another head-scratching data. Manila Courtesans is actually a website that offers Class A escorts in Metro Manila. Because the government blocked most of the porn sites, perhaps people are inclined to hire some sex worker instead of watching porn. Hard to tell. Funny enough, the same number of people who want escort also wanted to know how rich is actor Alden Richards.

#1. Here’s another mystery. How in hell people wanted to know Felix Manalo’s net worth when he is dead more than half a decade ago? Manalo is the founder of local cult Iglesia Ni Cristo who was died on April 12, 1963.

#2. Funny enough, the same number of people who also wanted to know Eliseo Soriano’s net worth – the number one critic of the influential INC.

#3. And of course, Marian Rivera is still here and search for her finances this time is specific to last year.

The above list is not in order. What we want is to show you some weird things people are looking online.

#1. Apparently, many people are interested how Korina Sanchez lose weight.

#2. here is another revelation about Mocha Uson. Earlier, people are only searching for “Mocha Uson”. Now, they want Uson to tell them how to do it.

#3. People can’t just get over with Kim Domingo’s hotness. This data shows people are becoming bolder. I don’t really see the difference in searching “Kim Domingo boobs” and “Kim Domingo big boobs”

#4. Mocha Uson never talks about her love-life, much more her boyfriend so this may be the reason why people are searching for it. last time I checked, she is bisexual.

#5. Nadine Lustre is one of the hottest Filipina celebrities so no wonder why people are looking if there is any possible video of her scandal. I feel sorry for them though.

#6 & #7. “Walker” is actually a modern slang term for sex worker, hostess, or any person that provides personal service related to sex. It looks like there are many people in Cebu than in Manila who are looking for “walkers”.

#1. The hotness of Kim Domingo still prevails on this data, and this time, instead of using “boobs”, searchers used “breast”, which is actually a formal term that would provide a different result. Perhaps they are shy to use the more vulgar “boobs”.

#2. Well, if you are not familiar with Mocha Uson’s G-spot video, watch below. There is a reason why people are using this term to find something very specific.

Of course, Mocha Uson is hot – just not smokin……

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