Why Filipinos Should Boycott CDR King’s Low Quality Products

It is no secret to all Filipinos who use a computer and electronic accessories that CDR King is the master of piracy and imitation. Its products are made from industrial wastes and garbage so there is almost zero quality. CDR King sells products that are 100% China-made.

I am a direct victim of this horrendous company, not only by receiving useless products but also in dealing with their undisciplined, lazy, disorganized customer service.

Worst Customer Service

I and my two co-workers visited the CDR-King store inside SM Sta. Rosa to buy an earphone needed for our presentation. It was payday and there was a very long line of customers waiting for their turn to get served. Not knowing if they have what we were looking, I asked the saleslady sitting in front of the computer if they have a headphone similar to what I brought. “Miss may ganito ba kayong headphone?” I asked. “Pakipila na lang sir kasi sila pumipila rin e,” the lady answered sarcastically. I let it passed.

I joined the long line without any complaint but the slow moving service started to annoy me. I was waiting for already 15 minutes near in the middle of the line when someone at the back asked me. “Brod ano number nyo?”, he asked. “Ha, wala e, kelangan pa ba ang number?”, I surprisingly asked. “OO yon o, kuha kayo ng CD na may number,” he replied.

I took the number 34 CD and went back to my previous place in front of the person who told me to get a number. I waited for another 20 minutes.

Here’s the thing. When I presented my number to the sales lady, I was shocked. “Ay malayo pa sir number nyo, don pa kayo sa likod. Sunod sunod ang number dito e”, the lady said. “What? Pumila ako ng almost kalahating oras tapos sasabihin mo mali ang number ko? Okay, tanong ko na lang, may ganito ba kayong headphone?”, I asked. “Ay sorry sir out of stock,”she answered. “Patay!!”, I waited for 30 minutes just to find out if they have an item or not. A real BS customer service and system.

Worst System

Another personal experience here at Waltermart Tanauan. I bought a mouse because Abensons was out of stock and I had no choice. There were around five people waiting. When I paid, one saleslady manually handwritten the receipt, the other one received the payment, and another one confirmed the payment. So there were three of them who received and confirmed my P150 pesos payment while others are waiting behind me to expect the same service. CDR King is the only computer and electronics accessories store who does not issue receipt electronically. What a waste of time and labour. Waiting for nothing really pisses me.

Worst Products

Should I explain it? One of my mechanics bought a CDR King mobile phone worth 400 pesos and after a week, it stopped working (of course what can you expect on this price). My neighbour purchased three mouses and two CDR King keyboards within six months. The worst of all, my sister purchased an 800W power generator for P4,800. After almost 8 months, it stopped working.

I tried to overhaul the engine but there was nothing I can do because most of the parts were disposable and I cannot find a replacement. We decided to scrap the generator and I discovered a terrible thing. I was supposed to salvage the copper wire from the generator but when I dismantled everything, there was no copper wire. The dynamo was made of aluminium wire, making the whole dynamo almost no value when brought to the junk shop. Magnetic wires on normal generators of this size can fetch at least 2KGs (P480.00)

I promised myself not to buy any CDR-King product anymore.

That CDR King in Waltermart in Tanauan City closed last month for some reason.

Businesses like CDR King is what makes China and Chinese people more powerful while making their customers weak because of the useless products they supply.

For my mouse, I use Korean and Japanese Brands. Although some of these are still made in China, at least it is not Chinese brands where they can take 100% of the profit./Nilo Platon – Tanauan City, Batangas/


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