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How Facebook Helps Promote Underground Prostitution in the Philippines

If you happen to stumble into a Facebook page with a “walker” on its name (not person’s name), you are in some sort of sex marketplace.

Lorie is 21 years old and working as PSP (personal service provider), and is brave enough to share her experience with us. She is oldest in the family with two younger brothers. Their parents are both living in Calamba City Jail for illegal drugs, and have slim chance to get out.

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“My father was coming in and out of jail since I was 15 years old. My mother went to another guy who sold drugs. They both ended up in jail since I was 17. I really had no choice. I started working in a local bar before I turned 18 after I broke-up with my first boyfriend”, Lorie recalled how she started.

Lorie said that even though she worked in a bar for nearly two years, she never go out with a customer because she can’t stomach drunk men kissing her. It was until an older friend told her that she can really make more money if she wants to offer her service online.

“She said there are lots of people looking for young girls online but I didn’t know how and where to start. I found this website Manila Courtesans and I wanted to join them but I was overwhelmed and lost my confidence. I didn’t know anything about Manila.”, she added.

“I also joined the website called “pinaywalks” and everything has started there. I remember my first customer was 25-year-old good-looking guy from Alabang”, she continued.

Now at 21, Lorie said she lost count on how many people she served after three years of “service providing” full time. She stopped working at her local bar after experiencing her very first customer. She admitted that she almost fell on her first customer as he was just the second person who ever touched her after her first boyfriend.

“Pinaywalks was doing good for almost two years before until I discover these “walker” pages on Facebook. There are more customers on social media than the strictly limited pinaywalks”, Lorie said.

“The best thing about Facebook is the faster transaction especially when sending photos privately”, she added.

Her above statement prompted this writer to search for “walker pages” on Facebook and she was right. There are pages offering sexual favors almost everywhere, especially in bigger cities outside Metro Manila like Cebu, Iloilo, Bacolod, Davao, Batangas, Laguna, Bulacan, and Pampanga.

Unless someone reports these pages to Facebook, the social media site doesn’t care about its members’ activities.

Lorie said she is far from retiring as this is the only job she knows that can give her enough income to support her two younger siblings and her personal needs.

People who are involved in this type of transactions use coded terms like CIF (cum in the face), CIM (cum in mouth), GFE (girlfriend experience), CD (condom) and the like. They use these acronyms to avoid using direct terms that may jeopardize their transactions and the Facebook page they use.

Lorie admits that without Facebook, her life could have been miserable. She also collected a good number of regular customers through the page she personally created.

Prostitution has been a big problem in the Philippines and Facebook is helping to make it even worse.

The terms used in Google by people looking for “walkers” and escorts are also evolving, creating new terms for the next generation of sexual predators.

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