Not Bar, CHED Says LET is Now the Toughest PH License Exam to Pass

The Commission on Higher Education (CHED). On Wednesday said licensed teachers are now the smartest and most intelligent professionals in the Philippines.

This is after the Philippine Regulations Commission (PRC), released the result of March 2017 Licensure Examination for Teachers (LET) result, where only 10.9% for elementary teachers have passed, while only 25.46% for the secondary teachers have passed. Both results are the lowest percentage among any other board exams given by PRC since the commission was created decades ago.

The following is the list of results of different board and professional licensure exams given by the PRC in 2017. From highest to lowest.

  • Physician/Medical Doctor – 61.73%
  • Lawyer (bar – given by Supreme Court) – 59.06%
  • Master Electrician – 58.05%
  • Architect – 57.6%
  • Mechanical Engineer – 56.88%
  • Chemical Engineer – 55.25%
  • Physician/Dentist – 46.52%
  • Electrical Engineer – 44.9%
  • Veterinarian – 42.9%
  • Geodetic Engineer – 41.8%
  • Civil Engineer – 35.92%
  • Accountant (CPA) – 35.13%
  • Agriculturist – 31.55%
  • Teacher/Secondary – 25.46%
  • Teacher/Elementary – 10.9%

With the 2017 LET results, many speculate that CHED and PRC should investigate if there is any abnormality in the instructions and curriculum given to the education students and if there is any problem with the board exam they are taking.

CHED said that the reason why teachers have the lowest average is not that they are less intelligent than any other professionals. CHED reiterated that LET is more difficult than any other board exams because it has the largest scope.

“Engineering board exams mostly deal with solving problems and numbers, doctor’s exam deals only with the human body, BAR deals primarily with the Philippine Constitution. Teachers deal with everything from what a child has learned when he started going to school at Grade 1 until he finished college”, CHED Assistant Commissioner Dr Fausta Salcedo explained. She added that LET covers the topics learned by students since they entered school at an early age until they graduated college as education students.

Salcedo, however, admitted that the latest LET result is alarming, and both the curriculum instructions and exams should be given extra attention.

Based on the latest results of different board exams, Dr Salcedo admitted that LET is the toughest to pass.  /Sophia Cordova/


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