How to Apply and Where to Find Jobs in Batangas

The province of Batangas, especially the Cities of Lipa, Tanauan, and the town of Sto. Tomas is always in shortage of manpower as manufacturing and Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) companies continue to flourish.

Many people travel to Batangas and Laguna just to look for jobs as these parts of CALABARZON provides many employment opportunities.

If you are new to job hunting in Batangas, there are many ways to find a perfect job for you.

auto assembly plant batangas
Auto assembly plant in the Philippines. Image credit

The following is a short but comprehensive guide on how to find  jobs in Batangas.

#1. PESO Office

Every city and town in Batangas has own dedicated Public Employment Service Office (PESO), that ha updated list of vacancies in provided by employers.

I found my last job (manufacturing supervisor), through PESO office in Lipa City. I was on night shift working as production operator in another company when I visited the office. When I found out that one of the firms was looking for a manufacturing group leader, I applied. A week later, I was hired, and was promoted to a senior supervisor a couple of years later.

Even if there is no job posting on their information board, you can also ask the people inside the PESO office. This is the best way as employers who ask the help of PESO are always in urgent need.

#2. Visiting Industrial Parks and BPO Companies Personally

Although using the Internet is always a good option, visiting the companies personally is still the best choice.

If you are applying for a manufacturing job, most industrial parks in Batangas and Laguna have dedicated boxes near the gate for applicants. Just prepare multiple copies of resume before visiting these places. Drop your resume in those boxes like what other applicants are doing and wait for the call.
If you are applying for a call center / BPO job, visiting Teletech, ACS, and other call centers’ hiring department is always the fastest choice.

#3. Using the Internet

Perhaps, the most convenient way to find jobs in Batangas and Laguna is by using the Internet. The only disadvantage of online application is that, not all employers post their job vacancies online.

You can visit the following sites if you are hunting jobs in Batangas. Just click the site’s name for your convenience.

You may also visit Teletech’s Hirepoint if you wish to work at teletech Lipa contact center.

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#4. Job Fair

Companies are always conducting jobs fairs in malls and in PESO offices so you may also want to grab this opportunity. PESO offices always have information about the schedule of jobs fairs conducted by the employers.

Working and living in Batangas is far better than Metro manila. Low cost of living, access to almost everything, fresh air, and rural life in urban are just some of the advantages compared to Manila or industrial parts of Laguna.

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