OKD2.com is a general blog and news website that deals with daily national and world issues, and a former fake news website.

OKD2.Com started as a research website in July 2015 when a group of journalism students from La Salle Dasmariñas needed data for their research.

Since then, OKD2.Com started publishing fake news stories and hoaxes in order to collect enough data needed for the research.

A year after President Rodrigo Duterte won the presidency in May 2016, the students got enough data for their thesis. That was when we decided to stop publishing fake news, and focus on serious issues, as well as general information.

For more than two years of publishing fake news, we unfolded facts about the Filipinos’ ignorance and gullibility, especially those who lack online technical knowledge. We also have identified different kinds of netizens who often fall into fake news (eg. Duterte supporters, OFWs, and people who rely only on Facebook as their main source of information).

Although we have published several fake pro-Duterte articles before, OKD2.Com has been non-partisan, and a non-sectarian website. We were not affiliated with any political party, and we have not been funded by any group or individual.

Starting December 25, 2017, OKD2.Com has stopped publishing fake news stories after we concluded our 2-year research. Our readers can now expect high-value information, honest opinions, tips, top lists, and real news from us.

Our Editorial Board

OKD2.Com also accept contributions from fellow bloggers and readers who wish to impart their knowledge online.

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