10 Things to Consider When Working in Call Center

Considering today’s worldwide recession, more and more people are getting jobless every day and more and more applicants are trying their luck in some companies that are still accepting workers, especially call centres.

Working in the call centre as technical support or customer service representative is easy provided you must know how to deal with the following.

10 Things to Consider When Working in Call Center

#1. You must have extraordinary patience.

#2. You must know how to control your temper even if the customer on the other line is bullying, discriminating, degrading, or shouting at you.

#3. You must be dedicated enough to educate idiot and dumb people (like for example telling them how to spell yahoo or google)

#4. You must know and learn how to raise your middle finger while speaking very respectful and calm in front of your PC..

#5. You must learn not to complain if there is no yearly salary increase or no performance appraisal.

#6. Like the customers, you must know how to respond like an idiot to an automated voice system.

#7. You must be ready to ask the same questions over and over again for 8 hours daily, 5 days a week, and the whole month and year.

#8. You must learn how to control your biological needs and/or to stay away from the restroom.

#9. You must go to work even if you are not feeling well because most call centres demand excellent attendance and most Superiors do not accept excuses.

#10. You must be ready to abandon your other life activities because once you started working on night shifts, your days will be of no use at all.

The above is just a partial list of the things you must learn… There will be additional items if you already have the said attributes.

The above situations are very common in most call centres today so I did not mention any specific company or account. Just try to apply for work and discover it by yourself.

And since your whole life will be messed-up, try to start blogging or any other online activities that could make you extra cash since you cannot do other things away from your computer.

Working is call centre is one of the most stressful jobs so be ready.


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