Watch Rodrigo Duterte of Tanauan City Interrogates a Rape Suspect

Tanauan City, Batangas Mayor Antonio Halili is being watched by the Commission on Human Rights for the second time after he forced a serial rapist into “walk of shame”.

Halili is considered by many as “Rodrigo Duterte of Tanauan City” for his strong campaign against drugs and crimes.

Early on 2015, the mayor was criticized by human rights groups after he forced a dried fish theft into walking around the city with banners “I am theft, don’t be like me” (Isa akong magnanakaw, huwag ninyo akong tularan)”

Since becoming a mayor in 2013, Halili is highly responsible in transforming Tanauan City into a real first class city. Massive road widening and street cleaning has been done since he assumed office.

Halili admits Duterte is his idol when the Davao City Mayor visited Tanauan last year, and during his campaign sortie last week.

Watch the latest video of Mayor Halili that has attracted the attention of Commission on Human Rights.

Rapist walking on shame.

According to Tanauan City’s Hope FB account, the rapist named Basilio Riparip has been involved in more than 2 rape cases and was caught with the help of citizens’ arrest.

Riparip on the video admitted the crime. He will be charged accordingly./Rico Platon/