Watch: Ex-Solon Reveals How COMELEC Cheats on the Coming Elections

Former Congressman and TESDA Chief Augusto “Boboy” Syjuco reveal on a viral video how the Commission on Elections is ready to manipulate the election results.

Syjuco, a known supporter of Davao City and leading presidential candidate, Mayor Rodrigo Duterte said, massive election cheating is already in place inside SD cards or Vote Counting Machines (VCM).

Syjuco sounds so sure in his accusations that he is not afraid to face libel suits.

Watch the video below.

Aquino vows to stop Duterte and Marcos from taking the Philippine government, despite people’s decision to change the administration.

There is already news of election frauds in Hongkong, Lanao, Sarangani, and some areas outside the Philippines, but the COMELEC continue to deny the claims.

With Duterte and Marcos leading the polls, supporters warned of massive people power if Duterte is cheated, and Roxas wins. /Malou Mangahas/



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