UNICEF Condemns Philippine Politicians Who Uses Children on Negative Ads

Geneva, Switzerland. The United Nations Children’s Emergency Fund (UNICEF) released a strong statement against politicians who uses children on political advertisements. The agency did not specify the names of politicians, but the timing is believed to be in response to the anti-Duterte ads aired initially by ABS-CBN.

In an article released by AFP, High Commissioner Jurgen Bentz Golbt slammed the ad featuring children speaking negative comments against a certain politician.

“It came into our attention that some politicians in the Philippines are using minors to criticize adults. This is a blatant violation of children’s rights. Children are not aware of what is going on around the political world so they must not be dragged into any political circus. Both parents and politicians who uses them should be held accountable”, Benz Golbt said.

In an advertisement paid by Duterte’s  political opponents, several children around 8 to 11 years old are criticizing a candidate due to his alleged crimes (believed to be Mayor Rodrigo Duterte).

The political ad received an outrageous response from netizens, and some groups even filed a petition against ABS-CBN and MTRCB through change.org.

Bentz Golbt said the agency is planning to hold the people responsible in dragging the children in an unlikely situation.

“Children should be left behind when dealing with adult issues, especially those political ones, that could influence the children’s future in negative ways”, Golbt said. /Mariz Timawa/



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