UNHRC: Philippines Has the Most Unreliable Supreme Court

unhrc-vs-supreme-courtThe United Nations Human Rights Council (UNHRC) on Friday said that the Philippines has the most unreliable Supreme Court justice, after it voted in favor of Senator Grace Poe’s candidacy despite her lack of years of residency required by the Commission on Elections.

German diplomat and international lawyer who is a high member of UNHRC Klauss Sanker, said in Spiegel Online that the Philippine Supreme Court is becoming a laughing stock after it made a serious mistake in favoring Grace Poe’s candidacy, despite the COMELEC has already ruled her out from the race.

“The Philippines is currently a member of UNHRC and the agency is closely monitoring on who will be the next president. If dirty election happens in one of our members states, the integrity of the agency will also be affected if that candidate in the highest office is from one of our member states”, Sanker said.

“The Philippine justice system has failed several times recently to solve major issues that greatly affect the human rights”, Sanker added.

He further noted that the Philippine justice failed to solve high profile cases and issues on the killings of SAF 44, Atimonan massacre, Ampatuan massacre, the issue of human rights violations by an influential religion “Iglesia Ni Cristo”, and Grace Poe’s candidacy.

“The latest Supreme Court Decision” gives a whole new level of shame to the Philippine justice system’”, Sanker added.

Former Sen. Francisco Tatad, lawyer Estrella Elamparo, University of the East law dean Amado Valdez, and political science professor Antonio Contreras filed  their complaints against Poe before the Commission on Elections which disqualified the lady senator on account of not being a natural-born Filipino and for lack of the 10-year residency required by the Constitution for a presidential candidate.

“UNHR does not favor any candidate in any of our member state, but the agency is concerned about non-qualified candidates, especially if the petition against her/him has strong merits. The petitioners against Grace Poe have strong merits”, Sanker said.

The SC is expected to tackle the joint motion for reconsideration on April 5, the first full court session of the High Court in Baguio City where it traditionally convenes during summer.



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