SPO3 Lascañas Outsmarts Sen. Trillanes

Senator Antonio Trillanes failed to convince evasive witness SPO3 Arthur Lascañas to identify the wrist watch given by the latter to Edgar Matobato during the 5th senate hearing on Monday.

On a separate interview by Sen. Leila De Lima and Antonio Trillanes, matobato said SPO3 Lascañas gave him a wrist watch and he said he still have the receipt.

Trillanes asked SPO3 Lascañas if he did really gave Matobato a wrist watch. SPO3 Lascañas earlier said he gave only a second hand watch, but when Trillanes said he will bring the actual watch and the receipt, SPO3 Lascañas changed his tune. He said he was not sure what type of watch he gave to Matobato.

Trillanes then said he is just testing  Lascañas’ credibility, but the latter was quick to respond “I did not read anything in any Law book that I have read that says, a watch can be used to test the witness; credibility”.

Trillanes reiterated that SPO3 Lascañas was not credible, but failed to convince the committee to let him bring both Matobato’s watch and the receipt.

The 5th senate hearing about the alleged Extra Judicial Killings done by the so called Davao Death Squad ended without clear conclusion. /Walden Tuazon/