Watch Ben Tulfo: Robredo’s Camp Has Own Manipulating Machine

Anchorman and journalist Ben Tulfo blasted vice presidential and leading candidate Leni Robredo in one of the segments of his Bitag program.

On Wednesday, Robredo made a controversial claim that “it is mathematically impossible for Marcos to win”, making Tulfo enraged over the comment.

Tulfo said Robredo’s camp should not give such ignorant comment that could create doubts to Filipino people.

The anchorman also questioned Robredo’s camp about their source and basis, and why they claim such victory.

Tulfo also suggested stopping the quick count and doing manual counting, regardless of the time it would consume, as long as the real winner will be revealed.

Robredo’s camp claimed they will still have 24,000 lead even Marcos get all of the remaining votes. Tulfo asked for their basis and said “where did you get that figure? Does it mean you have your own counting (machine)? /Rico Bawa/