Religious Group Rejects P125M Offer from Cavite Candidate, Asks Higher Price

News about influential religious group in Cavite is making rounds online when the provincial district minister allegedly rejected the P125M offer from a certain candidate. The exact name of the influential religion was not specified, but the source hinted that it was the group known for their lobbying influence in the Philippine government. The Cavite branch of the said religion was said to have more than 250,000 registered voters.

The news broke out when Salvador (aid of the candidate who offered money) was told by the minister that the 125M is not enough and the church is asking for a bigger price of at least P1,000 per vote or a total of 250 million.

The aid went home and told his boss, but the candidate – feared that his name might come out of news chose to remain silent even though he was agitated by the rejection.

The same candidate paid 100 million to the same Church on 2010 national elections and won according to an FB post.

The said Church is reportedly in financial trouble because of internal conflict, and the provincial minister told the aid that “they need to squeeze every penny in order to maximize their gains on the coming elections”.

The reliable source has asked the media not to disclose the name of the religious group and the candidate for both party’s protection, and to avoid any legal backlash.



/Chanda Vergara – Trece Martires City/

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