Prove Us Wrong: #NagaLeaks Author Challenges Leni Robredo

Both the website and the Facebook page of the authors of #NagaLeaks are now closed and/or suspended, but before the authors disabled everything, they left a strong message to the Vice President – Prove us wrong.

With more than 20 accusations the authors are throwing at Leni Robredo, the latter did nothing but denied the claim, saying it is just another fake news authored to destabilize her position as vice president.

Whether the accusations are true or false, nobody really knows.

But talking about the gravity of the accusations, and the large number of people involved, one can only suspect that there could some truth behind the accusations.

Thus, the authors challenge not only Robredo, but also the readers, to “fact check everything”.

Robredo mulls on filing cases against the anonymous author but it could be an uphill battle for the embattled vice president.

With the website already down, authors will be harder to track especially if the domain is whois protected.


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