Pro-Duterte Blogger Boasts Earning $7,860/Month from Feeding Pro-Duterte Supporters Fake News and Videos

A Facebook post of certain Dennis Obladia has been making rounds online before it was taken down on Monday afternoon.

In a post, Obladia slammed Pro-Duterte supporters calling them “ignorant bastard” while at the same time thanking them for making him rich.

“P*tang ina hindi ko na kaya. Kahit kumikita ako ng daan libo buwan-buwan nasusuka ba ako. Nakakapagod din pala gumawa ng mga fake news para pagpyestahan ng mga bobong tagasuporta ni Dutae. Pero salamat na rin at may mga bobong kagaya niyo, kumikita tuloy ako ng $7,860 kada buwan”, the post said.

The post also narrated in mixed English and Tagalog how he built more than 15 blogger blogs in just a month and sending traffic from Facebook through  deceptive videos.

“Tong mga supporters ni Duterte wala silang paki kung fake basta pabor kay Duterte. In one blog alone, kumite ako ng $1,800 dahil sa tatlong pro-Duterte fake news na sinulat ko. Wala man lang nagsabi na fake yon, puro batikos ang inabot ni Trillanes kaliwat kanan galling sa mga bobo na supporters ni Duterte”, he continued.

Obladia mentioned one of his blogs “”, and after spending more than 4 hours of research, it turned out that these lists of useless blogs have just one to 3 owners.

It wasn’t sure why the post was taken down, but within 6 hours, it received more than 300 comments mostly from irate Duterte supporters.

According to Nielsen, hundreds of bloggers are actually making money promoting pro-Duterte fake news, but the number has since decrease following Google’s suspension of blogger blogs that lacks content.

As an Internet marketer since 2005, believes that Obladia’s income claim was nearly possible based on the available statistics of the mentioned blogs.

Diehard Duterte Supporters are considered by many as ignorant blind supporters who could fall to any fake pro-Duterte articles which means profit for blog owners. /Lenny de Jesus/



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